Monday Dec 04, 2023

Marijuana Concentrate Packaging At SirePrinting

You can take heart from the fact that even the smallest of gifts can contain something extraordinary: a look at the Marijuana Concentrate Packaging will confirm that. Jars containing concentrate are often little in size. On the other side, the cannabis contained in those tiny bottles is sold in extremely potent concentrations. Some of the […]

A Guide on How to Care For Anthurium Plant in Your Home

Anthuriums can be grown outside in warm climates and easily available in a plant shop, but they do best indoors and are grown more often in greenhouses and house plants because they need special care. They grow slowly or slowly, depending on how much light they get without getting too much sun. They are sometimes […]

Exam Success

Increasingly we hear arguments that exams do not matter, do not measure ability accurately, or that they place undue pressure on students. However, it is our view, that society has not changed significantly to embrace a reduction of exams, let alone its removal or replacement. As Mrs. Chong, Head of Secondary at elc International School Sungai Buloh Campus, […]

Sowing The Seeds Of Physical Education In International Schools

Schools play an integral role in the early formative years of a child. School affects every sphere of child development, particularly the physical and mental realms. In most cases, the discipline instilled in students at school remains with them for life. Obesity has been a matter of concern for decades among adults. However, child obesity […]

The values of education at elc International School

elc International School was established more than 30 years ago with a dream to bring affordable international education to Malaysia. What started as a humble enterprise with only 5 students and 6 teachers including the principal herself, it has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, elc boasts of thousands of alumni who are well-established across the globe and continue to make […]

Top 7 SEO Tools To Advance Your Performance on Google Search

Are you looking for the simplest way that controls your website SEO to improve Google ranking and generate a lead? Then you are at the right place for sure. Optimizing your search engine can be challenging for brands in today’s competitive digital market because Google constantly advances its algorithm. However, the smartest technique to make […]

Is Quality Education in an International School a Leap of Faith?

For parents, it is becoming increasingly hard to see through the marketing glitz and glamour, and essentially see the true potential any particular international school has. One of the quickest and easiest methods a parent can adopt in assessing potential international schools is to look for any type of externally awarded accreditation or quality assurance. Accreditation is […]

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