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6 Best Things to Do in Santiago

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Are you planning to visit Santiago? Located in Chile, this Santiago city is one of the favorite South American capital cities. The city is known for being just over an hour from the Pacific Ocean. Santiago is surrounded by the Andes Mountains, hence making the city more stunning and attractive.

When you are here in the city, you can capture the largest mall in South America, several beautiful and unique neighborhoods, and great nightlife to enjoy in Santiago.

The city has been a popular station to visit that provides plenty of beautiful places to explore, history to learn, and many adventures to do. You can plan a long day trip here and get an amazing experience here with your loved ones!

Visitors, who are looking for swimming, hiking, skiing, or any type of exploring, then visit Santiago which offers a ton of opportunities to experience its surrounding beauty with Spirit Airlines booking!

  1. Go on a free walking tour  

Enjoy a free walking tour in this city where you will find a market. The best way to experience any city is by walking it. so, if you love to wander, you must come for a tour of Santiago. In this area, you will find cafes, shops, and food stands, hear people talking, and enjoy the city. also, people come here to shop or spend time in the evenings enjoying coffee and snacks. This market is open till late at night. So, you can enjoy the streets alone in Santiago!

  1. Climb Cerro Santa Lucía  

If you are seeking something unique in the city, then climb up the Santa Lucía hills. This hill may not be the biggest hill you’ve ever seen. A lot of people every day come here to capture some of the coolest architecture at the top! The Santa Lucía is Located in the Lastarría neighborhood in Northeast Santiago. In addition, the Santa Lucía are remains of a 15 million-year-old volcano. You can climb up to the top (about 69 meters/230 feet). On reaching the top, you have a great 360° view of the city! the adventure is walking to get to the top and ends in some stairs to the observation area. You must carry the binoculars that are provided. Watch the paths that are curved and aren’t too steep. Also, the stairs have a railing for travelers to hold on to if they are nervous about heights.

Santa Lucía offers the architecture that is found on this hill is stunning, and you can capture it while reaching the observation area at the very top, with Spirit airlines Flight tickets.

  1. Visit Valparaíso  

Come to this point where you will get to know why Santiago is the perfect tourist destination. a lot of people come to experience all that this region of Chile. At this place, you can include a trip to Valparaíso. Enjoy this tour that offers a colorful coastal city. the area is simply beautiful and truly one of the best cities in Latin America! Explore the full Valparaíso which is a wonderful day trip from Santiago. Valparaíso takes only 1.5 hours away from this place. At the Valparaíso, you will find art meets history and, see the ocean.

Catch the bus from one of Santiago’s bus stations or drive to Valparaíso if you have a rental car with Spirit airlines flight Booking.

  1. Visit Viña Del Mar 

Explore this upper-class coastal town area in Santiago that is located a short drive from Valpo! Come to the Viña Del Mar or Viña that attracts visitors and families. This area of Santiago is home to beauty, museums, and beaches. A lot of people come here to spend the day or evening which is a popular destination. you can reach the coastal area that is located right next to Valparaiso. This place is certainly calmer and perfect for people who seek to relax and chill. This area in Santiago pays more of an emphasis on the beach. hence, there is more to do and see throughout! In addition, you can explore some lovely museums in Viña Del Mar. also, don’t forget to admire the artwork, and learn about archaeology and history. People love to spend time walking around the grounds or take a funicular up to the top of one of the many hills in the area. Catch for something unique to add to the mix of walking around.

  1. Explore Plaza de Armas  

Santiago is an amazing city in Latina America that has a Plaza de Armas to see! When you are here in Santiago, go for stopping by the main square in the city which is the plaza de Armas. This area in Santiago is known for beautiful cathedrals, tons of statues, palm trees, and the contrast of its traditional architecture. In addition to all these, you will find some nearby modern buildings. Spot the governor’s palace here which is located on the edge of the plaza! Enjoy walking through this plaza during the day, which is lit up at night as well.

Don’t miss this area to shop or enjoy the heat of midday and avoid some of the crowds with Fly Spirit Airlines!

  1. stroll down the Barrio Lastarría and its vendors 

Spare some time to take a walk and enjoy the street of the city which is a vibrant and safe part of Santiago. Come in the evening time to the Barrio Lastarría, which is a neighborhood located at the base of Cerro Santa Lucía. In this area, you will find a ton of vendors selling their artwork, crafts, jewelry, and other goods. Here, you can shop around as you enjoy the beautiful murals and greenery on the buildings. Catch the overall vibe of this area that is so laid back, and it’s hard to beat. There are music bands that play often live music playing from a musician in the area!

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