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CBD stands for “cannabidiol”. These products are the recently legalized for medicinal and recreational purposes. They have a variety of uses and that too advantageous ones. Their niche is one of the niches whose market value is increasing day by day and is in a complete business trend right now. The increasing demand for the products is also increasing the demand for high-quality packaging. The two kinds of choices you can have in packaging, the custom CBD boxes and simple CBD boxes are discussed further.

Custom CBD boxes VS CBD boxes

Custom CBD boxes are the groomed versions of simple CBD boxes. Simple CBD boxes are the ones with the default décor and look with may be no relation to your brand theme or aesthetics. On the other hand, custom CBD boxes are much better than the simple ones as they provide you with the choice list beforehand and you can check out the choice digitally before actually finalizing any decision. You get to do everything according to the desires and intent of your item and product. Below are 6 facts stated about the Custom CBD boxes for why are they better and more engaging than normal, ordinary and simple CBD boxes?

  1. High quality

A high-quality paper stock option is completely in your hands while working on a custom CBD box. The type and thickness of the paper stock are in your circle of choice and desire. The most famous and most suitable kinds of paper stock for CBD products are kraft and cardboard. The perfect thickness depends on the sensitivity of your product towards environmental factors that might affect the item in the box. These factors include temperature variation, sun rays, material leakage out of the packaging etc.

  1. Great lamination variety

After the advantages of high-quality paper, we move forward to the advantages a custom CBD box can provide you on the next level and layer of lamination. Lamination is the very next layer after the box material. It is the basic coating that is going to serve as the background of all the other decorative measures you will take afterwards for your brand packaging. A good matte or soft touch or gloss etc are pretty decent choices for any medicated, recreational or fun products like CBD products. Every one of the choices for laminations can make up the whole personality basis of the packaging box.

  1. Color schemes

Color schemes are a whole range of options provided to you by your collaborated packaging company according to what they offer. The choice of colors no doubt can create the whole impact of the product on the customer but the custom CBD boxes have this advantage for you to choose whatever you want because it is you, the business owner who knows the intent of the product the best.

  1. Wide décor options

A wide range of décor options is provided according to the facilities of the packaging company. The options might include UV spot lamination, embossing, debossing, and foiling either in gold or silver etc. These are the most common options that can be thought of to apply to the packaging box to enhance the already present beauty of the box.

  1. Inordinate printing

The printing step of the process might just be important to the scale of only “print” for you but actually, it is going to determine the quality, level and caliber of the whole product. It is going to determine if the whole plan was executed in the best way or in the worst way there is nothing in between. You should go for sample checking before actually getting your order printed.

  1. Box type

The box type you are looking for is on the website of the packaging company you are working with. It is the type and kind of box to be polished and groomed for the use of your product. For a custom CBD box, you should look for the most basic and simple yet delicate and beautiful box styles such as sleeve and tray and tuck end box etc.


Based on all the above-stated facts, I can safely say that custom CBD boxes are far better than some boring, monotonous-looking boxes for your fancy products. These factors greatly impact and have a huge impact on the sales, impression and conversion of people towards your brand.

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