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A Guide on How to Care For Anthurium Plant in Your Home

Anthuriums can be grown outside in warm climates and easily available in a plant shop, but they do best indoors and are grown more often in greenhouses and house plants because they need special care. They grow slowly or slowly, depending on how much light they get without getting too much sun.

They are sometimes called flamingo flowers because of their tropical shape and green, bright red, and white colours. They can keep blooming for a long time, which makes them great indoor plants all year round. The types that bloom have colourful, waxy spathes in the shape of hearts and flower spikes that look like tails and are either yellow or red. In other kinds, the leaves are big and have deep veins. Many anthuriums are climbers; they all need a lot of moisture and warmth to do well lamborghini huracan rental dubai. Anthuriums usually live about 5 years indoors if they are taken care of well, but you can have a healthy plant for as long as you want if you keep making new ones. Anthurium is dangerous for animals and people.

Features of Anthurium

Botanical Name Anthurium spp
Common Name Tail flower, laceleaf, Flamingo flower, Anthuriums
Mature Size 9-12-inch wide, 12-18- inch tall
Plant Type Perennial, Herbaceous
Soil Type Well-drained
Soil Exposure Partial
Soil pH Acidic
Flower Color Pink, Red, White
Bloom Time Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall
Hardiness Zone 11-12 (USDA)
Toxicity Toxics to pets and humans
Family Araceae

How to Care For Anthurium Plant

Anthurium plants do best in indirect and bright light, and they don’t like direct sunlight unless it’s winter or the plant has been carefully acclimated to it. Most wild anthuriums live in places with at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the types with leaves like even warmer temperatures. The plant will die if the temperature drops below this level.


Anthuriums like the potting mix that is coarse and drains well. The best soil for anthuriums is a mix of sand, and peat moss added to an orchid mix.


Whether they are in or out, anthuriums prefer the sun to the shade. They grow best in light that is bright but not direct. Avoid direct sun.

Humidity And Temperature:

All species of anthurium are tropical plants that grow in their natural habitats. You should try to create the same conditions to have the best chance of success lamborghini car rental dubai. This plant does best in temperatures between 65 and 85 ℉ and high humidity. These plants can be grown outside in zones 11 to 12, but they will probably die at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

In dry climates or during dry winter, mist the anthurium plant daily to keep humidity levels high. During dry months, you may need to run a humidifier all the time.


Keep the soil just a little bit damp and never let it dry out completely. Put the pot in a tray with water and rocks or gravel. The water from the plant can drain there, which helps keep the air around the plant more humid. Let the top inch of the soil dry out before you water it again. This happens about once a week inside. If it’s outside, you can water it every two or three days on hot days.

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