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Alibaug Camping: One of the best Camping experiences in Maharashtra



It is a coastal town south of Mumbai in a western Asian nation. it’s familiar with beaches like Alibaug Beach and Valsoli Beach. Alibaugh could be a town in a geographical region, additionally referred to as the “mini-Goa”. Alibaug is located ninety-six kilometers off from Mumbai and one hundred fifty kilometers from Pune, in geographical region. The camping is one of the best Camping near Mumbai.

Offshore he’s the 17th-century Colaba Fort, with tiger and elephant carvings and temples dedicated to Hindu deities. To the south is Fort Korai, engineered by the Portuguese in 1521 and residential to a beacon light.

Alibaug could be a rather renowned however unconventional travel destination on the brink of Mumbai, a geographical region. one of the reasons for this little town’s quality is its many beaches in the geographical region. This additionally means this quaint very little city offers gorgeous sunset views over the ocean.

Inhabitation in Alibaug  is made right on the beach and could be a rattling thanks to departing from town and pay an exquisite vacation on a secluded shore together with your white-haired ones. Seascapes are often tough with several huts engineered as parking heaps for native fishermen’s boats and plenty of alternative spectacular sights, as well as mesmeric sunsets.

Alibaug Camping

Another factor that this city is legendary for is its beach inhabitation. Alibaug beach camps square measure located around fourteen kilometer off from Alibaug’s major coach station and thirty kilometer from Mandwa seawall purpose. inhabitation at Alibaug beach can soothe your spirit and mind with exciting views of the sunset over the ocean. Being here is a superb possibility for disbursement of your weekend off from the town and its chaos.

Their square measure many tents pitched on the beach with mattresses, bedsheets, and blankets, though these facilities might vary reckoning on your tour package. There square measure several indoor and out of doors games like carrom, badminton, and volleyball which will be organized for you to relish. And if you’re not abundant of a showy person then you’ll be able to simply relax and unwind on the hammocks till the sunset. On some inhabitation sites, you may additionally get the expertise of cookery Barbeque for yourself that the mandatory steering is going to be given.

Various camps organize flick screenings by the top of the day that you’ll be able to relish underneath the open sky, beside the ocean waves. Such inhabitation is sometimes undertaken through winter and summer once the refreshing ocean winds will lull you as you fancy the ocean sunshine.

Activities available on Alibaug beach camping

  1. You’ll be able to relish the beach with a fire
  2. Dj nights until allowed points in time
  3. Relish a daily barbecue
  4. Play volleyball
  5. Football
  6. Even cricket
  7. Bonfire
  8. Live music
  9. Flick screening
  10. Indoor-outdoor games and cluster fun activities are performed

Apart from this, you’ll be able to select numerous water sports offered by native vendors. These include:

  1. Jet skiing
  2. Breathing device diving
  3. Banana water travel
  4. Paragliding
  5. Kayaking
  6. Parasailing
  7. Speed boat ride
  8. Dolphin’s look trip
  9. Stand-up paddle boarding
  10. Jet skiing
  11. Bumper ride

How to get to Alibaug

Alibaug town is extremely well connected with completely different elements of geographical regions and Asian nations. Road trips from Mumbai via Penn or taking NH-17 to Wadhar and switching right to Alibaugh, Non-public Volvo buses, and numerous rental automotive firms are viable choices. For travelers UN agency doesn’t love long journeys by bus or automotive, there’s a train. Alibaug doesn’t have its own depot.

Trains run from Mumbai and Pune to close stations like Loja, Panvel, and Kandala. From there you’ll be able to take native taxis or state buses to the capital town of Alibaug. The waterway to Alibaug is AN exciting possibility for tourists. Strollers and huge boats travel from the Asian nation Gate and Ferry Wharf to Mandwa. Mandwa is the nearest seawall, fifty minutes by ocean sailboat from Mumbai.

Ferry from his wharf to achieve Mandwa along with his own automotive in a very large buggy. Alibaug is simply AN hour’s drive from Mandwa and is connected by road. the closest aerodrome to Alibaug is Mumbai International aerodrome, regarding one hundred forty kilometers off from the coastal town.

Things to carry for Alibaug beach camping

When you square measure progressing to pay for your vacation on the beach camps of Alibaug, a number of the mandatory things to hold are:

1. a sound icon id issued by the govt

2. a cap or hat

3. sunscreen

4. insect repellent

5. a torch

6. power bank

7. water bottle



Life is sweet after you have the prospect to pay for an evening on the beach underneath the celebs and moonlight. What square measure are you waiting for? it is time for winter inhabitation at Alibaug Beach inhabitation. Budget-friendly inhabitation.

Join Alibag bivouac and build your own happiness. Collect moments, not things, with Alibaug inhabitation. Alibaug’s Best bivouac Over ten,000 campers visited our bivouac to relish sporting goods on the beach, keep underneath the starry sky.

Everyone loves the beach, right? Then what square measure you waiting for? Book your trip currently.

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