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Alibaug Camping: One of the best Camping experiences in Maharashtra

alibaug camping


Alibaug is a small town surrounded by beautiful beaches. Alibag is situated in the western region of the Konkan area. This place has been found by Chatrapati Shivaji in the 17th century. Alibag is only 30 kilo meters away from Mumbai. You can reach here by any type of transportation like bus, train, or airplane. 

The two most wonderful thing you can witness here is sunrise and sunset. You will have the best time here. The weather here is unpredictable but beautiful. It is a beautiful town which is situated by the beach. The famous dish here is fish. Well, it is a place for couples to visit. You can plan a Alibaug Camping. Couples can plan a honeymoon for enjoying and starting their new wedding life. 

Well, it is the time we should talk about the places you can visit in Alibaug. 

Murud janjira fort 

A beautiful rock fort situated near by a beach. You will have a beautiful view of beach from the top of the Murud janjira fort. The time to visit this place starts in March and ends in October. The Murud janjira fort is at a distance of 54 kilo meters from the main town of Alibag. 

Kolaba fort 

If you are in the main town of Alibag then the nearest place is Kolaba fort to visit. It is a beautiful fort where you can click your beautiful pictures by the beach. This beautiful Kolaba fort was built during Chatrapati Shivaji’s governance. It was built 300 years ago. Kolaba fort is one of the most ancient forts. This fort is only 2 kilo meters away from Alibag. You can reach here on foot only. 


This beautiful temple of Lord Harihareshwar is one of the oldest temples in Raigad. This beautiful temple was buit in the 17th century. The Harihreshwar temple is 195 kilo meters way from Mumbai and 171 kilo meters from Pune. This beautiful temple by the beach will give you spectacular views. The weather here is so nice that you will not want to go from here. 

Alibag beaches 

If you want to enjoy some me time then the beaches in Alibag is only for you. You can sit and see the beautiful sunset here. Here you can even participate in some exciting activities like scuba diving, jet ski. Do not forget to enjoy the time with vada pav and coconut drink. 

Nagaon Beach 

This beautiful Nagaon beach is only 9 kilo meters away from the town of Alibag. You will going to see some amazing water sports activities at Nagaon beach. The activities like scuba diving, and snorkeling. This is an attraction for tourists. You can have a beautiful sunset view from Nagaon beach. 

Revdanda fort 

This beautiful Revdanda fort is surrounded by coconut trees. This amazing fort is situated near by the beach. So you can even have your lazy time by the beach. Revdanda fort is only 17 kilo meters away from the main town Alibag. 

Khanderi fort

This beautiful Khanderi fort is situated by an amazing thai beach. Ths fort is situated 4 kilo meters away from thai beach. Peshva Rajvansh is the owner of this beautiful Khanderi fort which was buit in 1678. 

Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre Samadhi 

This samdhi was buit in the memory of the great Maratha Admiral Kanhoji Angre. You should go ate Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre Samadhi and know the history of Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre from locals. It is a must visit place in Alibag. 

Varsoli Beache 

You should add this not so popular place at Alibag. It has amazing atay option like beautiful resorts and amazing cottages by the beach. It is only 2 kilo meters way from Alinbag. This is the best place to spend some quality time with yourself or with your loved ones;. 

Kihim beache 

This sandy beautiful Kihim beach is one of the major attraction of tourists. The climate here is amazing to make your evening fabulous. Here you can find some amazing water sports activity which make you fall in love with. 

Hirakot lake 

If you are getting tired of beaches then Hirakot lake is for you. This is a must visit place for you. This beautiful lake is surrounded by green land scape. You can even enjoy beating here. 

Mandwa Beach 

One of the best places in Alibag to visit for tourists. You can make your day by doing some amazing water sports activities here. 


A must do sports Parasailing in Alibag. Flying high in the sky and surrounded with water. This activity will make your day amazing. Like parasailing, you can do a banana boat ride, scuba diving, and what

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