Saturday Sep 30, 2023

Belkin WiFi Extender Won’t Stay Connected? Here’s the Fix!

Many Belkin users out there face various problems with their range extenders. But, the most common issue that has become a pain in the heads of users is Belkin range extender won’t stay connected. Have you also been a victim of this issue lately? If yes, then have a sigh of relief. This post has been specially penned down for users like you. Here, you will learn various tips that will help you get the issue resolved in an instant. But, before that, have a look at the reasons dragging you to the problem in the first place. Stick to reading.

Why Belkin WiFi Extender Won’t Stay Connected?

  • Technical Glitches

Technical glitches share an old relationship with networking devices. These glitches are random and can cause serious issues with your Belkin range extender. The one you are currently facing is just the beginning. That is why technical glitches have maintained the first position among the reasons forcing you to face the Belkin WiFi extender won’t stay connected issue.

  • Weak Extender-Router Connection

Weak extender-router connection is the root cause of multiple internet-related issues. It is because the extender amplifies the WiFi signals taken from the host router to satiate your internet needs. However, the strength of the extender-router connection completely relies on the source of connection roped in for the purpose.

  • Outdated Firmware

Do you know that a firmware is the governing body of the Belkin range extender? Well, this is to make you aware that the firmware manages every activity related to your Belkin extender, even the status of its LED lights. To keep the performance of the range extender at its peak, it is advised to update the firmware regularly via the belkin.range setup wizard. But, it seems that you ignored the pending firmware update which is making you pay a price.

So, these were the most potential reasons putting you into the trouble of Belkin WiFi extender won’t stay connected issue. Now, let’s unveil the troubleshooting techniques that will help you fix the problem at hand.

Fixed: Belkin WiFi Extender Won’t Stay Connected

  • Reboot the Extender

Do you remember the old technique of restarting the device when it starts behaving weirdly all of a sudden? Well, this is what you are required to do with your Belkin wireless range extender. So, without any delay, follow the steps given below:

  1. Press the Power button on your extender (to turn it off).

  1. Now, pull the Belkin device out of the wall socket.

  1. Hold your horses for as long as you can.

  1. Thereafter, connect the Belkin device back to the wall outlet.

  1. Do exactly as what is mentioned in the first step (this time to power up the extender).

  • Connect Your WiFi Devices Properly

To fix the Belkin WiFi extender won’t stay connected issue, consider rectifying the connection between your WiFi devices. By WiFi devices, we are talking about your Belkin extender and router. You need to connect them properly in accordance with the source of connection into the play.

If you have connected them by putting an Ethernet cable to use, then be certain that the cable is not worn out or flipped from any end. In case a wireless source is used for connecting your devices, then the distance separating them matters the most. You can’t keep it more as well as zero. Keeping it more means breaking the extender-router communication whereas its opposite means a clash of WiFi signals of your devices.

  • Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware will also help you fix connectivity problems with your Belkin wireless range extender. Given below are the steps that will help you do firmware update by accessing the Belkin wireless extender setup wizard:

  1. First of all, download and save the Belkin firmware file by surfing the internet.

  1. Thereafter, open a new tab on the internet browser and access the default web address of the Belkin extender.

  1. Key in the default Belkin password and select Login.

  1. Select Firmware Update > Choose File.

  1. Now, upload the firmware file and let the firmware update process get completed.

Sum Up

Now, it is time to wrap up the post disclosing troubleshooting tips to fix the Belkin WiFi extender won’t stay connected issue. Anticipating that after reading this article, you’ll be able to get the problem fixed.

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