Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

Can I Change the Netgear Router Login Password

Do you own a Netgear router and looking to change its password? Well, if so, then you have stumbled upon the right post. Here, we are going to enlist various steps on how to change Netgear router login password in an instant.

To be noted! Users can log in to their Netgear routers by using the default credentials. And these details can be easily accessed from the Netgear router manual. If you will not secure your router by changing its password then anyone can get access to your WiFi and leech your important data.

To avoid all the hassle, have a roundup of the steps given below and learn everything about changing the login password of your Netgear router. Let’s get started!

Steps to Change Netgear Router Login Password

  • Before you go ahead with the process, make sure your router is properly configured.
  • Open a web browser on the computer having access to the internet.

Note: Make sure you launch an internet browser that is free of browsing junk like cache, cookies, and history.

  • Type routerlogin.net in the address field of your browser and press the Enter key.
  • You will then find yourself on the login page of your device.
  • Enter the default username and password into the given fields and click OK.
  • Completion of this step will take you to the dashboard of your Netgear router.
  • Reaching here, navigate to Settings and select Wireless.
  • Here you will find the option to change the username as well as the password of your router.
  • So, give your device a new name and password.

Note: While setting a password for your device, make sure you add special characters, digits, and alphabets to it. This will make it strong yet hard-to-crack.

  • Once done, hit the Apply button and let changes made by you to the username and password of your Netgear router come into effect.

Quick Tip: Sometimes routerlogin.net not working issue occurs while accessing the login page of a Netgear router. If the same is what you are experiencing then consider using default IP address to get the router login success.

This is all about changing the Netgear router login password.

If you want to change the password of your Netgear router using smartphone then the Nighthawk app can solve the problem for you. Here’s how to change the login details of your Netgear router using the Nighthawk app.

Steps to Change Netgear Router Login Password via App

  • Establish a connection between your router and modem. You can connect your devices either using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly, the wish is all yours.
  • Once done, access the Play Store or App Store on your device.
  • Now, search for the Nighthawk app and get it downloaded.

Note: Make sure you download the latest version of the app.

  • Proceed further by launching the app and accepting its terms and conditions.
  • You will then be prompted to log in to your router.
  • So, enter the default login details of your WiFi device into the fields given and tap Login.
  • App interface of your router will display.
  • Head towards the hamburger button in the top right and tap it.
  • Under Settings > Network Settings, locate the Change Password option and tap it.
  • You now need to type the new password for your WiFi device.
  • Enter the new password and confirm your entree by retyping it.
  • Tap Apply and let the changes made to the settings of your WiFi router come into effect.

This is how you can change the password of your Netgear router using the Nighthawk app. Bear in mind that, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Thus, get it installed as per the availability of the OS of your device.

Wrapping Up

Here ends our guide on changing the Netgear router login password using routerlogin and via Nighthawk app. We hope following the steps given above, you will get success with the process of making changes to the password of your Netgear router.

If there is any other query spinning your mind regarding the Netgear router, then do let us know the same via comments sections. We’ll try getting you the solution for the same with the help of another write-up.

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