Saturday Jun 03, 2023

The inspiring life of Maria Montessori

An stirring story of determination and courage Maria Montessori was a courageous girl breaking the conventional barriers of education set up for those of her gender in the 1890s in Chiaravalle, Italy. As a little girl, she initially aspired to become an engineer. But once she graduated from higher secondary school, she was determined to […]

The ultimate guide to discussing the elections with your children

Helping children cope with curiosity about elections As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens of the country, actively participating in the growth of the nation. We can often resort to over protecting them from various ideologies instead of educating them in a way that helps them differentiate between […]

How to Draw Captain America

How to Draw Captain America. Superheroes have taken over the world in recent years! While they used to have limited appeal among comic book lovers, they now star in the most popular blockbusters and appear in all media. Also, check our Bee Coloring Pages. Captain America is a character who used to be considered a B-level […]

The key elements of the Montessori Method of teaching

The wonders of the Montessori Method The Montessori Method of education was developed by Dr Maria Montessori, based on her keen observations of how children learn in a carefully prepared environment when they are given the opportunity to educate themselves. Even after a century after its creation, the Montessori method of education remains popular among teachers and children. […]

Finding the right preschool curriculum for your child

Choosing a curriculum that suits your child The preschool years are extremely important as they build the foundation for your child’s learning years, and at the very least probably determine how much they enjoy school. Children have a magical capacity to learn and absorb information through the various activities they go through in their day. […]

Giving infants the best daycare

Giving your infant a great start Giving children the best possible start in life has always been The children’s house philosophy. What better way than to start from as early as 2 months through the school’s dedicated infant centres. The carefully crafted Infant Programme includes Baby Art, Baby Gym, Baby Read, Baby Touch, Baby Chef, […]

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