Friday Sep 29, 2023

Finding the right preschool curriculum for your child

Choosing a curriculum that suits your child The preschool years are extremely important as they build the foundation for your child’s learning years, and at the very least probably determine how much they enjoy school. Children have a magical capacity to learn and absorb information through the various activities they go through in their day. […]

Giving infants the best daycare

Giving your infant a great start Giving children the best possible start in life has always been The children’s house philosophy. What better way than to start from as early as 2 months through the school’s dedicated infant centres. The carefully crafted Infant Programme includes Baby Art, Baby Gym, Baby Read, Baby Touch, Baby Chef, […]

Answering questions about early years and preschool

Q&A with The children’s house In terms of a preschool education, what do Malaysian parents want most? Typically parents perceptions are more towards academics and they hope their children would learn to read and count after a few months of pre-school. Most parents are strongly in favour of high academic reputation and their expectations are […]

The best possible start for your child at The children’s house

Montessori learning through The children’s house Every child is unique and is filled with an enthusiasm to explore the world around them. Each day in a child’s life is filled with the curiosity to learn something new. Hence, it is important that they find a caring environment that guides them on their individual path and […]

Moulding creativity in young children grows smarter adults

How to develop creative thinking in young children? Moulding Creativity As they grow older, a child’s degree of a success depends on how well they handle the different challenges that life throws at them. Though some problems can be handled with experience and others with good advice, life puts you into tricky situations that demand […]

HFMD precautions for children that every parent needs to know

Everything you need to know about HFMD and its preventive measures HFMD The surge of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) in Malaysia has become a matter of serious concern. The country is on alert as more than 33,000 cases have been recorded nationwide to date. Children under the age of five are highly susceptible […]

Why The Montessori Method Stands Apart

Parents of Bukit Jalil rejoice! The children’s house is extending its welcome to you and your child! Situated in the heart of Bukit Jalil City, the centre’s strategic location is ideal for busy working parents in the vicinity of Bukit Jalil to send their children to a trusted preschool. The children’s house has absolute confidence […]

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