Wednesday Jun 29, 2022

Know facts about living In Switzerland without gainful employment

Third-country nationals, i.e., people from outside the EU/EFTA, must meet several requirements set out in the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals and Integration (“FNIA”) and the Ordinance on Admission, Residence, and Gainful Employment to establish a residence in Switzerland without working (“OASA”). For a stay of fewer than 90 days (within a reference period of […]

Fix: Netgear Extender Not Working After Firmware Update

Netgear releases new firmware version for its WiFi range extenders. The users can update the firmware of their Netgear range extenders easily by accessing the setup page. The firmware updates are very important for range extenders to function well. The reason being, performing Netgear extender firmware update fixes major bugs and technical errors that […]

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