Sunday Sep 24, 2023

Comfast Extender WiFi Keeps Going In and Out – Quick Fixes.

The future of the world is the metaverse. In other words, you will have a digital experience of everything. But, being practical, it demands access to a super-fast internet connection. So, complementing the existing router with a Comfast WiFi repeater is a great idea. If you’ve already done that, then we would like to appreciate you for such a marvelous choice.

However, many users are filing complaints regarding Comfast extenders. Are you also in the same queue? Is your Comfast extender WiFi keeps going in and out? If yes, then check out the fixes jotted down in this post. But, before that, have a nudge on the reasons that can cause the issue.

Reasons: Comfast Extender WiFi Keeps Going In and Out

  • Your Comfast device is deeply affected by the attack of technical glitches

  • The firmware of your Comfast range extender has become obsolete

  • The extender is not in constant connection with the host router

  • You haven’t selected a perfect place for your Comfast range extender

  • Your Comfast WiFi device and the existing router are too away from each other

So, these were the potential causes behind the Comfast extender WiFi keeps going in and out. But, no matter what the reason is, the hacks provided below will help you return the extender’s functions to their normal state. Therefore, stick to reading.

Fix: Comfast Extender WiFi Keeps Going In and Out

Fix 1: Give a Fresh Start to Your Extender

There’s nothing bad in starting fresh when your Comfast range extender has fallen victim to technical glitches. Although technical glitches are quite harmful, they can be easily gotten rid of with the simplest hack. Therefore, consider rebooting your Comfast range extender. The instructions to give a fresh start to a Comfast WiFi device are highlighted below:

  • Press the Power button on your extender and pull its plug out of the socket.

  • Once done, consider placing your device in a well-ventilated area for as long as you can.

  • Thereafter, re-connect your Comfast range extender to the power socket and press the Power button.

Fix 2: Update the Firmware

Updating the firmware of the Comfast WiFi extender is another excellent way to fix the problem you are facing. Know that like every networking device, the firmware of your Comfast extender also controls its overall functionality. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it updated in order to make the device competent with those equipped with the latest features. Given below are the simple steps to update the Comfast firmware:

  • Access the default IP address of your Comfast wireless range extender.

  • When welcomed by the administrative page, make your way to the extender’s dashboard by putting the default password to use.

  • Now, locate the Firmware Update option and click it.

  • In the next window, you will be asked to drop the firmware update file of your extender.

  • So, download the firmware file using the new tab and upload it to the Firmware Update window.

Fix 3: Strengthen the Ethernet Connection

The Ethernet connection between your Comfast range extender and the main router needs to be stable at all costs. However, to make it possible, the Ethernet cable chosen for the job must fulfill two conditions.

The first condition that the Ethernet cable must complete is its damage-free status. It means neither it should have cuts nor it should be flipped from any point. However, the second condition demands the firmness of the Ethernet cable with the ports of your WiFi devices.

Fix 4: Relocate the Extender

As mentioned earlier that the wrong location of the Comfast range extender can also force the WiFi to go in and out. Thus, you must focus on assigning an ideal location to your Comfast device.

The ideal location for your Comfast extender is the one away from metal objects, reflexive surfaces, heavy electrical appliances, and objects carrying a large amount of water.

Fix 5: Bring Your Router and Extender Closer

Too much distance separating your Comfast range extender and the main router will make it difficult for both devices to emanate WiFi signals causing the issue you are facing.

To do away with the problem, bring your devices a little closer. However, do not make the distance zero.

Sum Up

That’s all about what to do if the Comfast extender WiFi keeps going in and out. We hope that the above fixes will help you get the problem fixed. In case they don’t, consider performing Comfast set up from scratch after resetting it.

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