Thursday Sep 28, 2023

Easy Home Prevention For Ticks

Ticks and Fleas are common but hazardous pests that live on a dog’s coat. There are a number of causes why dogs acquire such pests in their bodies – it could be from outdoors, from other dogs, and even indoors. These types of pests also cause a lot of harm to a dog’s health; one common disease that it causes is called Lyme disease. A lot of dog owners struggle with finding the right medication and prevention for this, as vet appointments can be expensive too. 

However, it is very important to remember that you can gain help even outside the clinic; you can browse for different tips on how to get rid of ticks, what medications they should be on, and how to spot the symptoms. With that concern, this article will list down easy home precautions you can try to prevent tick infestations that will surely won’t cause a big dime. articlelength


  • Citrus Extract

Citrus flavors and odors are known to be the most effective repellent for ticks. Take juice extract from any citrus fruit and slightly rub it onto your dog’s fur before taking them on a walk or short trip. This will help their fur be protected from diseases they can acquire outdoors, and it will also keep away ticks as the scent of the fruit doesn’t attract them. 


  • A clean environment

This is a basic need for both pets and owners. Having a clean home helps them maintain an environment free from common diseases, and this also includes ticks. A clean home will keep away any pests that can harm you or your furry friend. Having a clean environment also involves the cleanliness of your entire surrounding, including the outdoor area. Keeping your yard clean and your bushes trimmed can be a great help in keeping away pests. As additional help, you can also get external help in cleaning up your place with the use of disinfectant sprays.


  • Dog Clothes

Aside from the cute style, it adds to our furry friend, and clothes also help with preventing ticks from getting on the dog’s coat. It is essential to know that clothing your dog will keep away ticks from infesting their coats. Ticks are usually found in tall grasses or bushes, and visiting such areas with your dog could also be a cause of ticks. larablogy


  • Apple Cider Vinegar

It is now discovered by many pet owners that apple cider vinegar makes an alternative tick and flea repellent. Its acidic smell and taste are unappealing to fleas and ticks; hence regularly spraying your dog or cat with apple cider vinegar can protect your dogs from these pests. To do so, just mix a half measure of vinegar and water and mix before spraying on the dog’s coat. It can be done every once in the morning or before every trip to ensure that your dog is well protected. 

Additionally, if you want to pull out a tick from the dog’s coat, you could also use apple cider vinegar in order to easily pull the pest out from its nest – this is done by soaking a cotton ball or cotton swab with the vinegar and touching it to the butt end of the tick, this will make the tick back out from the skin as the smell can be unattractive for them. 


  • Garlic

As much as fleas do not like vinegar, they hate garlic as much, and this gives us an advantage. Garlic is also used as a repellent for dog ticks. It can be done in various ways.

Firstly, garlic water. Garlic water is a mix of 8 cloves of garlic with 1 gallon of almost boiling water. This is done by placing the garlic in an extra large soup pan and pouring the hot water over it, letting it sit for 12 hours, then pouring the mixture onto a strainer to separate the liquid mix and then lastly, it should be put into a garden sprayer and lightly spray the mixture around the lawn or garden area. 

Secondly, you can also feed the clove of garlic to your dog as an internal flea repellent. You might think that it can be harmful to their health, but garlic is surely safe to use freshly chopped, and always remember to feed them only the right amount. The right amount means just a single clove of garlic is enough.

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