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Evernatural Premium Artificial Grass For Lush Green Lawn

Artificial Grass

Evernatural Premium Artificial Grass is an excellent option for those who desire a lush, green lawn. Available in four different colours, it is ideal for residential and commercial settings. Unlike real grass, this artificial grass keeps its colour all year round. This is especially beneficial for areas that experience a lot of foot traffic.

Artificial grass is also cost-effective, saving both money and water. The average American household uses about 320 gallons of water daily, and more than half of that water goes to watering the lawn. Landscaping irrigation accounts for one-third of residential water use, totalling nine billion gallons daily.

Artificial Grass

Choosing artificial grass for your home is an excellent option for homeowners who don’t want to spend countless hours maintaining a lawn. Choosing the right kind for your yard is essential. There are several brands of artificial grass, each with a different pile size for other grounds. The higher-end products are also more durable and feature extra features.

Choose a dense pile if you’re looking for a more realistic look. A higher pile density will make the grass look more lush and full. The thickness should be between 16,500 and 18,000 stitches per square meter. A lower pile density will make the grass look sparse and unattractive. Another benefit of a dense pile is that it is lighter-weight, making it easier to clean and maintain. Additionally, a thick pile will help protect your lawn from damage from pets.

Tropical Fine

Tropical Fine artificial grass is made with a soft, tufted feel and bright colours. Its base is thick and dense, resembling a healthy lawn. This grass requires no infill and is best for areas with light to moderate foot traffic. Unlike other artificial grass types, Tropical Fine does not require a maintenance program to maintain its appearance.

Permeable backing

Premium artificial grass has permeable backing that will drain water and prevent odours. This backing has a high permeation rate and is typically made of two heavy gauge woven layers. The support is then coated with a high-viscosity polyurethane compound. Before application, the air is injected into the polyurethane compound to create free-flow drainage passages.

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a premium artificial grass product is the fibres’ face weight or density. A heavier face weight means a higher quality product. Also, look for a fall zone safety rating, which means that the product has met all ASTM guidelines for safety. This rating is crucial for play areas and playgrounds. The porous backing helps to prevent slips and falls. The filament, or individual blade of the synthetic grass, is also important. It helps to provide a more authentic look to the lawn.

Artificial Grass

The porous backing is important because it allows water to pass through the turf. Premium artificial grass products with this type of backing can be use in particularly wet areas. It is also recommended for lawns that have pets and are prone to flooding. A permeable support also allows pets to use the turf without the risk of the urine soaking into the turf backing, resulting in an unpleasant odour and a mess.

The porous backing is good if you install premium artificial grass in your home. It helps to keep the synthetic grass smelling fresh and clean. If your pets are using grass, choose a product with antimicrobial properties. These additives are added during the manufacturing process. An example of such a product is Microbe Safe from Ideal Turf. This product is made with antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties and is non-toxic for pets.

Pile height

If you are planning to install artificial grass on your property, pile height is one of the most important factors to consider. This factor can greatly affect how the grass will feel underfoot. A longer pile height offers greater flexibility and cushioning, creating a softer feel. Conversely, a short pile height feels hard underfoot and accentuates the hard floor underneath. Additionally, a longer pile height allows the grass to absorb more energy during accidents and falls.

The density of premium artificial grass is just as important as pile height. Usually, premium artificial grasses are at least 25 000 blades per square meter. This density is a sign of higher quality. A high-density product will feel more like natural grass and will last longer.

Artificial Grass

A longer pile height will make the grass look more realistic but require more maintenance. The longer pile height will be the best choice if you’re a homeowner who wants a more lush look on their lawn. Many premium artificial grass products fall into this range, including those designed for display gardens and play areas.

The pile height of premium artificial grass will depend on the use of the turf. For example, a sports turf will need a lower pile height than a home lawn. This is because the pile height of synthetic turf will determine the maintenance required.

UV protection

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure your premium artificial grass lasts as long as possible is to protect it from the sun. Since most artificial grasses are made from plastic, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause them to fade. Using premium sunscreen will help protect your grass and prolong its life.

Artificial Grass

Adding UV protection can also protect your artificial grass from the sun. This will help it maintain its vibrant colour and will prevent yarn degradation. UV inhibitors are mixed with polyethene fibres when they are manufactured. This way, the UV protection comes without any lead content. The result is an artificial grass surface that will last for many years.

Without UV protection, your premium artificial grass surface can’t withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without it, your synthetic grass will experience problems, including long-term damage and expensive repairs. Damaged artificial grass will not function as intended and develop uneven or jagged surfaces that can increase tripping hazards.


The durability of premium artificial grass depends on several factors, including the materials use and the techniques use in its manufacturing and installation. The grass will not last long if made from low-quality material. Look for products that use high-quality fabric and fibres. They should also be environmentally friendly and incorporate processes that strengthen the finished product. If you are unsure about the durability of premium artificial grass, ask current users or professionals who have installed it.

Artificial grass’s density depends on several factors, including pile height, thatch, and infill. The lower the density, the softer it is, which means more maintenance is necessary. Soft artificial grass will require a power broom to maintain, whereas denser artificial grass will drain more slowly and require less maintenance. While soft turf is more comfortable for walking on, it’s not recommended for high-traffic areas.

Artificial Grass

Another factor to consider is the face weight of the synthetic grass. The face weight is the weight of each artificial grass blade and is usually measure in ounces. It is important to note that this does not include the importance of the backing material, which is often included. In addition to face weight, artificial grasses will often have thatch, an additional layer of fibres that replicates the dying underlayer of the grass. Thatch-covered turfs will most closely resemble real grass.

Premium artificial grasses are often manufacture using the highest-grade polypropylene (PP). The synthetic fibres are designed to withstand heavy traffic, daily play, and professional sports. They are also resistant to solvents and chemicals. Most spills can be easily rinse off. This means that you can enjoy your new lawn for years to come.

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