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Everything You Should Know about Forex Trading

You can also mention Forex as foreign exchange or even FX trading. This is one platform that is the change of one currency into another. Forex is one of the most dynamically traded markets across the globe. In simple words , it is a net of overall buyers and sellers who simply convey currency between each other at a decided value. Everyone from individuals, businesses to central banks make use of these means to convert one currency into some other. In case, you have ever visited to any other country, you might have actually done forex transaction. Of course, you can use online trading service too for forex trading.

The main traded currency pairs on forex market 

Clearly , there are seven prime currency pairs on forex market. Other brackets encompasses crosses and exotic currency pairs, that are somewhat less frequently traded. These are all somewhat comparatively illiquid (hard to exchange for cash).

Main Currency Pairs 

These are the most frequently type of traded pairs.  These account for somewhat eighty percent of trade volume on the forex market. Such currency pairs could characteristically have less volatility and high level of liquidity. These are associated with stable, well managed economies. These are less vulnerable to manipulation and have smaller spreads than other pairs.

In the realm of global forex day trading world, the utmost majority of people concentrate on the seven most liquid currency pairs on the overall planet, that are originally the four majors: 

  • EUR or USD (euro/dollar)
  • GBP or USD (British pound/dollar)
  • USD or JPY (dollar/Japanese yen)
  • USD or CHF (dollar/Swiss franc)

Other than these four pairs , there are three growing pairs:

  • NZD or USD (New Zealand dollar/dollar)
  • USD or CAD (dollar/Canadian dollar)
  • AUD or USD (Australian dollar/dollar)


If a currency pairing does not really include the US dollar, it is called a minor currency pair  or even that of cross-currency pair’.  As a result, the most well-known traded minor currency pairs include the British pound, Japanese yen, even or Euro, such as:

  • EUR or GBP (euro/British pound)
  • EUR or AUD (euro/Australian dollar)
  • CHF or JPY (Swiss franc/Japanese yen)
  • GBP or JPY (British pound/Japanese yen)

You can even choose to investigate into the trade of exotic currencies such as South African Rand (ZAR, the Thai Baht (THB), and even Norwegian Krone (NOK). However, you must know that such exotic extras bring along with them a massive level of risk as well as volatility.

Exotic Currency Pairs 

Exotics are the currencies belong to developing or tinier economies. These are teamed with a major. If you compare such to crosses and majors, exotics are somewhat riskier to trade because these are somewhat less liquid, more volatile, and even a lot more vulnerable to manipulation. Such  are the ones that even own wider level of spreads, and are more sensitive to unforeseen shifts in political and even financial developments.

Cross Currency Pairs 

Such pairs do not really include the USD. In a historical way , crosses were transformed foremostly into USD and then into the realm of preferred currency. However, these are presently offered for direct exchange.

The most usually traded are derived from minor currency pairs (EUR or JPY, EUR or o,  GBP or JPY). Such are typically less liquid and a lot more volatile in case you compare them to major type of currency pairs.

The forex opportunities 

Since you know much about what is forex trading and how it all works, it is now time to know about the opportunities.  You know just like the stocks, you can even trade currency on the grounds of what you think its overall value is. The main difference that you get with forex is that you can easily trade up or down. If you feel that a currency will increase in value, you can simply choose to buy it.

However, if you feel the currency is going to decrease, you can even sell it. With a market such vast, hunting a buyer once you are selling and a seller once you are purchasing is a lot easier than in any other sort of markets. 

Maybe , you may come to know that China is diminishing its overall currency to get better foreign business into its country.  If you feel that such a trend will continue, you might make a forex trade by simply selling the Chinese currency against another kind of currency, such as , the US dollar.  The more such Chinese currency drops against the US dollar, the higher will be your returns. Now what really happens once the Chinese currency goes up in overall value while you have your vending position open? Well, your losses increase and you wish to step out of the trade. Remember, the overall past performance is not actually a pointer of future results.

The currencies you should try trading in!

Being an investor, you must stick to the major and minor pairs in the beginning. It is for the thing that it is going to be easier to hunt trades, and overall lesser spreads, making scalping possible.

Exotic pairs, though, have a lot more illiquidity and higher spreads. Moreover, as such are somewhat riskier, you can easily make prudent cash with exotic pairs. But yes, you should be ready to lose huge in a single session too. It has all to do with how you trade and what you trade. Make sure that you don’t haste when you are trading in the domain of forex.

Time to trade in forex?

Even though there are some sort of brokers who claim around the clock, throughout the week trading, the markets are mostly only open 24/5 and not simply all the times are quite productive for trading. You should only trade a forex pair once it is on and active and when you have sufficient volume.  Remember that trading forex during the time of weekends an see small volume.  


So, whether  meta trader , forex trader 5 or any other type of trader, you have to make proper moves. You cannot simply do the guess work when you are putting your money. Now, since you have proper idea about the forex trading, make the right moves and more importantly at the right time.

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