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Everything You Should Know Before Designing Custom Pizza Boxes

custom pizza boxes

Pizza is the food of the Gods. It is everywhere! There’s always an excuse to eat it (anytime is pizza night!). Businesses that decide to start delivering pizza in Custom Pizza Boxes have the most food options available. 

Pizza restaurants are great businesses because you don’t need a lot of employees to sustain high sales. You can earn so much cash in a small area. If you’re thinking about opening up your restaurant, then you’ll want to check out this article for all these tips. You must know about designing special pizza boxes that will wow your customers.

Are Custom Printed Pizza Boxes Recyclable?

Recyclability depends on: 

  1. The materials used in manufacturing the box 
  2. Additional components of the packaging that might affect their ability of recycling

For example, if a box is made out of cardboard, it can recycle if it does not contain plastic or wax coatings or liners. If these extra elements are present, one must remove them before adding them to the recycling bin (or may even make the box non-recyclable).

Companies design both Custom Printed Pizza Boxes and standard pizza boxes from corrugated cardboard. As a result, they’re both recyclable. However, it’s important to ensure that your custom pizza box is free of contaminants before you throw it into the recycling bin. That’s because even a small amount of food waste can render the entire box non-recyclable. 

Are Custom Pizza Boxes Compostable?

Compostability is based on how quickly a material can break down into organic material (and return to nature) when exposed to microorganisms and other living things in your compost pile. For example, custom pizza boxes made of paper or cardboard will decompose faster than those made of plastic or metal.

Compost bins require organic materials, like food waste or wood shavings. Paperboard with a gloss finish is not organic, so should not place in a compost bin.

Do Custom Pizza boxes keep the pizza hot?

Custom pizza boxes are the easiest way to keep hot and fresh pizzas protected from external weather conditions. You can make these boxes from corrugated stock. Their strength and thickness are pretty good! They have a thick and sleek design that keeps the pizza slices fresh and comfortable.

These boxes have multiple layers that keep the temperature from outside from penetrating the box. They also have a layer that keeps the heat inside the box to stay warm when delivered. This glaze does not consent the heat to escape easily. In this way, pizza slices retain their freshness for a longer period and retain their heat.

Are They biodegradable?

Another awesome mechanism about these cases is that they are biodegradable. They can easily be recycled and reused in the future. There is no harm to the environment because they do not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere or cause pollution in any other way.

What Is Their Moisture Resistance?

Moisture resistance is one of the main reasons to use custom pizza boxes. The box’s paper resists moisture so that it doesn’t get soggy while the pizza cools or while you get it delivered. In addition to this moisture resistant paper, these boxes have ventilation holes. These holes allow steam and heat to escape as the pizza cools. It helps keep it crispy and tasty.

With these boxes, you can easily transport your pizza to another location without worrying about damage or losing flavor. Custom pizza boxes have a special type of cardboard that makes them extremely durable and withstands heavy loads. These boxes also have handles on each side for easy transportation.

Does Pizza Boxes Wholesale Affect Pizza Taste?

The moisture resistant and eco-friendly nature of the pizza boxes ensures that the pizza remains intact and fresh while you are relishing it. Pizza boxes keep up the flavor and excellence of the pizza. You can use them for takeout, packaging, and delivery purposes without having to worry about their quality or structure. 

What Is Its Grease Resistance Like?

If you want to design your custom pizza box, you have many options. tNot all pizza boxes are equal. It doesn’t just mean that some are made out of recycled cardboard, and others aren’t. It relates to the actual construction of the box. Different pizza boxes have different grease resistance capabilities. They handle the pizza’s weight differently. Not every kind of pizza box is going to be right for you.

If you want to design your custom pizza box, make sure you know all of the above options.

Your pizza boxes are a big deal. They say a lot about your business, and you want them to fit the brand image you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. But there’s further things to ponder than just how your box looks. You also need to make sure it can hold up under the weight of a fully-loaded pizza.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to explain everything there is to know about Custom Printed Pizza Boxes. So we can impart that awareness to you! If you want to design your packaging, Silver Edge Packaging is no farther. Call us and place your order!

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