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Facebook Marketplace: The Marketer’s Guide

The first time Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2016, it was nothing beyond an internet garage sale.

Instead of selling and buying through groups created by users’ Facebook communities, anybody can post a product for sale in the Marketplace and communicate directly with potential buyers in their local area.

In the last couple of years, Facebook Marketplace has grown in popularity and is being used by more than 800 million people across 70 different countries every month.

That’s one massive garage sale! Ad-hoc Facebook groups aren’t nearly as popular.

With the number of individual buyers and sellers on this platform, it’s never an ideal time to let businesses join in.

Selling your product through Facebook Marketplace is a different experience from any other channel for sales.

It isn’t easy to find another platform that makes it so easy for users to find your business and services, with 66 per cent of buy facebook likes users using Facebook regularly.

Facebook Marketplace is a growing crowd of buyers eager to buy. Combining that with built-in target-based interest and simple-to-use product classification, you’ve got yourself an app specifically designed to increase business sales.

What Is Facebook Marketplace?

The name is enough to describe it! Facebook Marketplace offers an online marketplace that lets users buy and sell used and new products for other members.

Users can browse through the Marketplace, select categories to join groups or head directly to the stores they love.

Each product is tailored to be presented to the user’s interests and likes on Facebook.

Created as a peer-to-peer network, it’s done via Messenger when someone wishes to purchase something from Facebook Marketplace.

It allows you to interact with prospective customers on a one-to-one basis and establish strong connections with them.

Facebook continues to expand its features to Marketplace and Marketplace, allowing vendors to connect their payment processing, such as Shopify or BigCommerce, with the Marketplace account.

While you’ll still be able to initiate each chat with customers using Messenger, the products you purchase from Facebook Shop are automatically processed by the payment processor you select.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Anyone can sell items through Marketplace provided that Facebook allows the listing under their Commerce Policies.

You don’t require an additional Marketplace account to start. You’ll be allowed to create your first purchase using your business or personal statement. At CISO events, the subject of selling on Facebook is discussed a lot since its increased importance in today’s time.

Facebook automatically incorporates Marketplace as a market for your product so that everyone browsing Marketplace can look up your item.

When posting your first product, Facebook automatically sets up an automatic Marketplace profile. If you sell an item through Facebook Marketplace, it will appear in your Store.

The “store” is accessible via the “shop” section of your company’s Facebook page.

5 Ways To Use Facebook Marketplace For Your Business

Since Facebook is predominantly a social platform, Marketplace lends itself to building personal relationships with your customers.

The platform is excellent for finding new customers and building connections with them. The competition you face isn’t just other businesses; you compete against individuals.

We have selected intelligent ways to use Facebook Marketplace to promote your company.

Increase Awareness And Discoverability

Increased brand recognition is among the most efficient and effective ways to boost sales. It’s good that Facebook users are already familiar with the app as a tool for social networking, which is why it’s not difficult for them to find businesses on Marketplace.

People who come across your product are further along the funnel than most of the leads you’ve targeted with your advertisements. They’re already searching for products to buy.

To make your products more visible to potential customers, your product, you have to know how categories function on Facebook Marketplace.

There are 11 categories at the top, each broken down into specific subcategories.

If you position your products in categories appealing to the people you want to reach, you’ll be more likely for them to come across your products while browsing.

But it’s not the only strategy to boost the visibility of your product.

The more people follow your business’s profile on Facebook, The more frequently your posts will be featured in the news feeds for people.

An excellent location to include this information could be within the descriptions of the products you sell.

Build Trust With Your Audience

The process of buying a product online is an act of trust. To bridge the difference between online sellers and buyers, companies must instil confidence in customers at every opportunity.

Facebook Marketplace is a peer-to-peer platform with unique features that allow you to build trust with prospective customers.

First of all, every transaction through Facebook Marketplace is started through Messenger. This lets you interact with potential customers in one-on-one conversations.

Your Store’s website also gives you the chance to increase the confidence of potential customers in your business. By creating your own page, you will be able to boost your credibility by providing details about your business and answering customers’ questions.

After you’ve begun to build your following through Facebook Marketplace, you can start using Marketplace as a platform to try out new products and determine what is popular.

Track What Sells Best On Facebook

The products that do well at your Shopify store might not be the ones that are sold out through Facebook Marketplace. Maximize your Facebook advertising budget by knowing which items are the most popular on the platform.

Do you want to know what products sell best on Marketplace? Utilize categories to determine which items are most popular. This data can be applied to design ads featuring these types of things, or products similar to those that you are specific Marketplace customers would like to purchase.

It is also possible to keep track of the most popular items by visiting various web pages for businesses. The most popular items will always be displayed first if you go to a store.

Leverage Facebook’s Personalization

In addition to promoting popular products, You can also use ads to attract customers who have bought from your Store or viewed your blog.

They’ve already expressed the desire to purchase from your business. They’re probably to purchase from you again.

One way to accomplish this is to build an audience that resembles a lookalike or interest-targeted audience to target for Marketplace advertisements.

You can follow up with anyone contacted via Messenger, whether before or after they’ve purchased.

It is essential to keep the conversation going to ensure that leads aren’t becoming cold after a while.

As you interact with your clients, Facebook Marketplace also helps you understand what products are popular on the platform. You can use this information to design new offerings or even products you create.

Test Out New Products

If you’re considering launching a new product or want to try your concept, Facebook Marketplace is a fast and straightforward method to test your ideas.

Because Facebook is the one to target the user, you can check whether or not your product or service is popular with your target group of customers.

All you have to do is make an inventory, and you’re all set! There’s absolutely no cost.

The creation of a store on Marketplace allows you to advertise these products.

You can promote a fresh concept or new product and then use the description to inform customers that you’ve tried something new click here.

In addition to testing new products, you can also play around with the pricing of your products on Marketplace to determine your customers’ reactions to price cuts and price hikes.

Think about providing exclusive access to products or a discount on Facebook Marketplace. This gives customers and leads the sense that you’re offering something exclusive and helps build their trust in your brand.

Marketplace Isn’t A Garage Sale Anymore

Facebook Marketplace is fast, easy to use, affordable, and valuable with targeted audiences.

Finding new customers, trying out new products, and establishing relations with your buyers without much time or funds at your expense is possible.

Each of these actions can assist in opening up a pipeline of business opportunities that bring people right to your door.

At this point, the sale should be straightforward, mainly when you’ve made an unaffordable offer.


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