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Famous Sports News Sites in Thailand

If you love sports and are interested in Thailand’s competitive scene, it would be a good idea to check out some of the famous sports news sites in the country. These websites offer articles, videos, and live links to some of the biggest sporting events in Thailand. Some of these sites even have an editorial board and a news blog. They also have an active Facebook page and a huge library of sports-related articles and videos. Their content includes expert analysis, video highlights, player statistics, and news on the latest sporting events.

The Korat Daily

The Korat Daily is a Thai newspaper that is popular with the local Thai community. Owned by Soontorn Janrungsee, it has the largest circulation in the region, covering over 22 million people. It publishes in-depth coverage of local and regional affairs. The Korat Daily also publishes an English language edition called The Korat Post.

The Korat Daily has a large following in Thailand, thanks to its coverage of football and basketball games. The website features live coverage of many major sports events and reports. It also features articles and interviews with local athletes and sports personalities. It has also been named one of the most popular sports news sites in the country.

The Korat area has three distinct seasons: the dry season, hot season, and rainy season. During the dry season, temperatures rarely dip below 30°C, while the rainy season begins in May. The rainy season lasts through October, and temperatures decrease slightly as the area moves into the cool season. The wettest months in Korat are August, September, and October.

8X Sports News

The 8Xbet Sports news and there are also many websites and publications in Thailand that offer sports news. Some of these sites have extensive coverage of various sports event Slot Pulsa Tanpa Potongans  and include articles, videos, and live links to the games. The sites also have a popular sports blog and a Facebook page. Many of them are mobile-friendly and feature high-quality images and video clips. The articles are written by experts in the field and often include expert analysis. They also include statistics about players and teams.

The 8Xbet is a popular Thai language news website. It is published bi-weekly and features news about all types of events. covers current affairs, entertainment, sports, social issues, and celebrity gossip. It also has a dedicated section covering business news. Many of its articles are translated into English, and the news website also offers English news.

Bangkok Biz News

Whether you’re a big fan of the local Thai soccer team or you’d like to get the latest scoop on international sporting events, there are many different sports news sites in Thailand that provide the latest breaking news from your favorite sports. These sites have a wide variety of content to choose from, including video clips, expert analysis, and daily and weekly schedules. Some of these sites also have an active Facebook page and editorial board.

Khaosod Newspaper is one of the most popular English-language news sites in Thailand. It’s based in Thailand and publishes news on a variety of subjects, including entertainment, tech, politics, and lifestyle. This site targets a broad audience, including Thais who are business-minded and educated, as well as foreigners living in Thailand.

Daily News

Some of the leading sports news sites in Thailand feature videos, articles, and live links to major sporting events. These sites feature expert analysis, video highlights, and player statistics. Some of the sites also feature news blog posts and editorial boards. Many of these sites also have active Facebook pages. In addition to providing daily updates about sports events, they offer an archive of video clips.

Thailand has a rapidly expanding media industry, but it is still heavily regulated by the government. There are censorship laws that prohibit certain content. Radio stations are also heavily regulated by the government. However, the country has one of the highest levels of press freedom in Southeast Asia. Although the government has tried to censor the internet and block some sites, Thai citizens have found ways to circumvent these regulations.


Among the famous sports news sites in Thailand, Sudsapda sports news is an excellent source of both local and international sports news. Its website offers articles, video clips, and live links to major sporting events. It has a well-established editorial team and a wide archive of videos. also features expert analysis of major sporting events. It is available in both Thai and English, and readers can subscribe to get regular updates of the latest news.

EightX sports news is another great source for sports fans in Thailand. This daily site is mobile-ready and offers comprehensive coverage of the sports scene in Thailand. In addition to sports news, it covers local events and popular culture. Fun888TV is another great choice for sports fans who want live match links, expert analysis, and match video highlights. Its website is easy to navigate and features a robust Android application.

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