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Gifting culture Pakistan

A gift is an item given to someone or the love one without any expectation. Of payment or anything in return. Although. An expectation of reciprocity is involved in gift giving a gift is meant to be free.

In various cultures gifts are traditionally packed in some specific ways e.g. Western cultures, gifts are wrap in wrapping paper along with gift notes which may note the occasion. In Chinese culture, luck is connoted via red wrapping.

The online gifting industry is one of the major contributors to the growth. Of the e-commerce space & is set to be a larger pie in the coming future in the overall market. The global gifting market is approximately $ 475 billion $ & out of which Pakistan contributed meagerly with 295 million $. Overall long-term growth perspective for online gifting remains robust in Pakistan. People from across the globe send gifts Pakistan to their loved ones. 

Major gift giving occasion in Pakistan:

Special days like Birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Ramadan, Valentine’s day & anniversaries are the primary occasion to gift.

Where the basic purpose is to show appreciation & affection among friends. And family by reminding them of their valuable presence & importance in your life.

 Gifts also show love, whether you are in a relationship or friendship, demonstrate your affection & love via gifts. 

It is one of the best ways & has the power to make birthdays & anniversaries more memorable. As these are two of life’s most important occasions. It also brings the memories of childhood when we waited for our birthday gifts & that’s why it is said: “A Child is still within us”. It helps to bring joy into others’ hearts irrespective of age, with all the pampering & appreciation.

It is a very well-known fact that words are not enough but a small gift does magic. So when the situation gets tense or out of hand then gifting helps. To bridge the gap and also conveys the concise sentient and helps to revive the relationship with your loved one with the gift.

Gifting is also use for the complement purpose. To the employees, co-workers, or relatives as it boosts morale. It also showcases their appreciation for their efforts & presence. So gifting play its role as an ice-breaker when something can’t be express in words.

Product range

Broadly online gifts Pakistan can be bifurcated into 2 categories: – 

Personalized gifts:-

These kinds of gifts are customize as per the requirement as well a lot of homework is require. It brings the essence of relativeness, closeness & thoughtfulness to the gift. There are many different types of personalize gifts such as jewelry, personalize blankets, personalized t-shirts, personalize coffee mugs, etc. And these gifts are treasure for years to come. This kind of gift is majorly gifted during anniversaries & birthdays.

Non-Personalized gifts:

These kinds of gifts are made in bulk. And use commonly for various occasions. Of festivals or to complement the employees of the organization, etc. Non-personalized gifts majorly are generic by nature like flowers, sweets, fruit baskets, chocolate, Gift hampers, and more.

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