Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

How to Change Network Name of Comfast WiFi Extender

Comfast WiFi extender

Once you are all done with the setup process of a Comfast extender, you can connect as many devices as you want to its network. Well, for getting success with the connections, you must know the network name of your Comfast WiFi extender Many users opt for changing the network name of their extenders to keep them safe from potential threats. If you are also looking to change your extender’s network name, then this how-to guide is what you need to check.

Here’s How to Change Comfast Extender WiFi Name

  • Power Up Extender and Router

For getting success with the process at hand, the very first thing you need to do is power up your extender as well as the WiFi router. You can do this by plugging the power adapter of your devices into working power sockets.

No matter whether you select an outlet in the living room or kitchen, make sure it is supplying proper power and is away from the reach of things causing WiFi interference.

  • Connect Your Devices

Once you are all done with the process above, connect your Comfast extender to the home WiFi router by making use of an Ethernet cable.

Users can also go with a wireless connection if not having access to a cable at present. However, a wired connection is more reliable. While connecting the devices, make sure both devices are within range of each other.

  • Turn on Your Computer

The next step in line is to turn on your computer or laptop. Make sure you use a device that is not infected by any viruses or malicious content.

Apart from that, ensure that the device you are using is having access to super-fast internet.

  • Access the Web Browser you like most

Now you need to access the web browser of your choice on your device. No matter whether you select Chrome or Firefox, it should be updated to the latest software version.

Also, keep in mind to clean the cache and cookies from the web browser. Once done, type the default IP address of the Comfast WiFi extender into the address field and hit the Enter key.

  • Log in to Your Extender

Completion of the above step will redirect you to the Comfast login page. Once there, enter the default login details of your device and proceed further by clicking Log In.

If you have changed the login credentials of your Comfast extender, bear in mind to use the altered details.

  • Access Settings

Have you completed the login process? We hope yes! Now, hover to the settings section of your extender and look for the wireless option.

This will reveal various options. From them, opt for changing the WiFi name. Although you can set any name for your Comfast extender, still we suggest you choose the one that is hard to guess.

  • Let the Changes Get Saved

As soon as you are through with the process of changing the network name of your Comfast extender, hit the Save option and let the changes made by you come into effect.

That’s all about how Comfast users can make changes to the network name of their extenders. At times, it has been found that users can’t change the name of their WiFi devices. If the same is what you are experiencing, then check the following hacks.

Reasons Why You Can’t Change WiFi Name of Extender

  1. The very first reason could be related to the placement of your Comfast extender. If you have placed the device in a corner, inside a cabinet, or under a table; you will not be able to make the most of your Comfast setup and initiate changes to its settings. Hence, we recommend you locate the device in an open area. You can even mount it on a wall.

  2. Another reason that can stop you from changing the WiFi name of your extender could be the devices emitting radio waves. If your Comfast is placed near such devices, keep it away right away.

  3. Improper Internet access could be another reason why you can’t change the WiFi name of your Comfast extender. So, check with your Internet Service Provider and ensure proper internet supply is being provided.

That’s how you can fix the possible issues while changing the WiFi name of your extender. Now, once again try to change the SSID of your Comfast and see if you can get success. We hope you will!

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