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How to Create a Stellar Corporate Apparel


What matters is employee engagement and the performance they bring to the table. If you want to motivate your workers and build a spirit, then it’s time you go with corporate apparel. It may sound old school, but it works like magic! Besides enhancing productivity, it also makes them feel special and looked after.

It is time that you let your employees know that they are cared for. After all, they make up a big part of an organization. 

How to Design Corporate Clothing

Create incredible apparel that enhances employee job satisfaction. It would help if you kept in mind several factors before going with a corporate garment:

  1. Choose Purpose

For what purpose will the corporate apparel serve? Are you running a promotional campaign? Or do you want to introduce ‘uniform day’ at the office? These are all the questions you must carefully look at.

It can have various purposes, such as enforcing a business mission and vision, drawing inspiration, and strengthening job satisfaction. Overall, an objective is what will create unique customized apparel.

If you want to make an effective corporate apparel program, choosing the right colors for the tee, company logo, and garment sizes is essential.

  1. Choose Tee Style

Corporate apparel varies with size and the type of fabric. Plain cotton T-shirts, or a tee made from various cotton blends, can do similar work as a polo shirt. Additionally, it would help if you bought clothes in bulk.

You can go with a simple cotton tee. Further, you can go with a screen or digital printing your corporate logo on it to create a stylish look. Therefore, choose Gildan G540L for women and Gildan G500 for men.

If you are going with a polo, then all the better! A polo tee must be different in style and design gender-wise. Therefore, choose Jerzees 437W for women and Jerzees 436P for men to get outstanding corporate apparel.

  1. Your Budget

Next comes your budget. You must manage all your resources and use them efficiently. Therefore, your employees are part of human capital and must be taken care of.

So it is no big deal if you go out of the way and show some appreciation via corporate apparel. It makes them feel that they are an essential part of the organization. Therefore, allocate a budget for corporate garments to create enthusiasm.

Further, it would be better if you buy wholesale apparel and also see from the latest women fashion blogs. It helps in getting discounts and saving you additional shipping costs.

  1. Screen Print or Embroidery

Finally, it is time to have your ideas on the apparel! You can use screen printing or embroidery on your corporate clothes to make them stand out. 

Polo shirts usually look better with embroidery. In contrast, cotton and blends can facilitate screen or digital printing. Additionally, the brand of apparel matters, giving vibrancy to your tee.

Overall, choose a service that best fits your budget. You can compare price quotes from different printing services that accommodate your pocket!

Reasons to have a Corporate Apparel:

Now that you know how to make stellar apparel for your employees, it is time to look at the reasons for having them in the first place:

  1. Increase Productivity

You can increase the productivity of your employees. Employees will feel they need to bring something new to the table by wearing comfortable clothes. It also helps in developing job satisfaction.

Further, organizations use corporate apparel to increase their employees’ chances of being risk-takers. It also gives your workers an identity and leaves a strong impression of their employers in their minds.

  1. Build Team Spirit

It also helps in building team spirit. If you want to bring everyone on the same page, do it with corporate clothing. You can also assimilate each department under your organization’s banner. 

It eliminates discrimination and creates workplace bonds. Even though embracing diversity is critical, making everyone feel valued can go a long way! Moreover, it helps in developing work ethics where everyone feels included.

  1. Celebrate Events

It helps create a bond that weathers any storm! No matter the occasion, motivate your employees and make memories via customized workwear. Therefore, you can use it for celebrating an event or make it an item for giveaways.

Build a strong image with it and leave a positive impact on your employees. You can even host an event where everyone wears a single uniform that builds team spirit!

  1. Advertisement

Lastly, companies often use tees for advertising their products or brand. It is mainly used by pharmaceutical and multinational corporations who want to increase their brand image. Further, it can also be used to rebrand your business or product. Your employees wear the tee anywhere and serve as a promotional tool!

A company can go with an embroidered polo shirt. Consequently, you can choose Jerzees 437W or Gildan G890 and have your logo embroidered! 

Final Thoughts

Leave an everlasting impact with corporate apparel. A customized office uniform can do the job if you want to make everyone comfortable and encourage diversity and empowerment. Overall, increase productivity, build a team with a strong foundation, and encourage participation.

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