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How to Draw Captain America

Captain America Drawing

How to Draw Captain America. Superheroes have taken over the world in recent years! While they used to have limited appeal among comic book lovers, they now star in the most popular blockbusters and appear in all media.

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Captain America is a character who used to be considered a B-level hero, but thanks to his successful film appearances, he is now very popular and recognizable. His fans often enjoy learning how to draw Captain America to represent their patriotic hero. If you’re one of those fans, this will be your tutorial!

How to Draw Captain America

Step 1

To get you started with this Captain America drawing guide, let’s start with the head and chest. This character portrayal will be done in classic comic book style, meaning it is highly detailed and somewhat stylized.

He wears a mask over most of his face, so you can use some smooth lines to outline the masked part of his face. Next, draw a curved line across his face to separate the face from the mask.

Next, draw a capital A on his forehead and add tiny wings. Finally, draw his eyes, nose, and mouth to create his facial expression. To finish this step, we use curved lines for the shoulder and chest before finishing with a star on the chest.

Step 2

For this second part of your Captain America drawing, we’ll add his left arm, waist, and hips. Use the curved lines on his shoulder for his biceps, and then you can curl his gloved hand into a fist.

Then more curved lines will run under his chest for his muscular waist. Finally, for this step, you can draw pockets on his waistband and then draw his hips with more curved lines. This will do it for now, and then we can move on to step 3.

Step 3

Now we can focus on attracting some legs as we move on to this third part of our focus on how to draw Captain America. We will depict him in an action pose as he leaps forward, and to show this, we will stretch out his left leg in front of him.

The leg on the left is further back in the image, making it appear smaller. He also sports large boots, as indicated in our contact image. With those extracted, it’s time for step 4 of the guide!

Step 4

Many heroes have a signature weapon or supplement, and Captain America is no further. He’s known for his indestructible American flag shield, and we’re about to add him to your Captain America drawing.

To do this, carefully draw a flattened circular shape against his right arm. This can be tricky, so you should use a pencil first if you’re nervous about the shape.

Next, draw some progressively smaller circles within the shield’s outline, each surrounding a different large star. Finally, for this step, draw his hand peeking out from behind the shield so we can continue with the final details in the next step of the guide.

Step 5

You can now finish all the final details in this step of our guide on how to draw Captain America:

  1. Draw some lines vertically along her waist.
  2. Add some small curved lines in the blue parts of her dress.
  3. Add some details on his boots, and then you can color them!

Draw Captain America

Before that, you can draw a background. What kind of explosive action scene could you imagine adding behind him if you did? Have fun getting creative, and see what happens!

Step 6

Inspired by the American flag, this hero incorporates red, white, and blue into his superhero outfit. We’ve selected these classic colors in our example image so you can use them to help you if you want to keep your colors exactly as they appear in the comics.

Captain America Drawing

This character has also had some visual variations over the years, giving you alternative color scheme options if you want some variety. Once you’ve settled on the colors you want, it’s also fun with whatever artistic means you choose!

Your Captain America Drawing is Finished!

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