Friday Sep 29, 2023

How to Enable Wireless Access Scheduling on Amped Extender?

Amped wireless setup

Wireless access scheduling is one of the most amazing features offered by Amped extenders that allow users to manage the status of their WiFi. It controls the time for which your WiFi will be enabled. If you have done Amped wireless extender setup then you should surely enable this feature on your Amped device.

In this post, we’ve summed up the entire process of enabling the Wireless access scheduling feature on the Amped extender. Before you read that, take a look at the basic requirements to enable this feature.

Prerequisites to Enable Wireless Access Scheduling

  • Your Amped wireless range extender and the host router (properly configured)

  • A web browser that is secure

  • A computer free of viruses and malware

  • The default Amped range extender URL

  • A network cable to create a connection between your WiFi devices

  • The username and password of your Amped device

Once you get access to all of the aforementioned information and things, consider giving a shot at the instructions given below to enable wireless access scheduling on your extender.

Steps to Enable Wireless Access Scheduling

Here are the steps explaining the process of enabling the wireless access scheduling on your Amped wireless range extender by visiting

  • Connect your Amped range extender to a power socket and switch it on. But, make sure that the power socket that has been put to use is not damaged. Else, proper power won’t get supplied to your range extender.

  • Pick the network cable and establish a secure and finger-tight connection between your Amped range extender and the main router. Just make sure that it is free of damages. Else, you will face issues while enabling the wireless access scheduling on the extender.

  • Now, switch on your PC and launch Mozilla Firefox. Relax! If you don’t have Mozilla Firefox installed on your PC. You can also use Google Chrome. Once the web browser becomes ready for use, click on the address bar and enter the extender’s URL. Press Enter.

  • Hitting Enter will take you to the Amped login page. Here, you need to type in the password and username of your Amped device that you’ve assigned to it during the installation. Once done, click Login to proceed.

  • Have you reached the Amped wireless setup wizard of your extender? Great! Now, you need to find the Smart Features option out of the numerous options available. Once found, click it. Thereafter, select the User Access option. Thence, check the Enable Wireless Access Schedule checkbox and decide the time limit for which you want your Amped WiFi to wake. Lastly, save the settings.

In this way, you can enable the Amped wireless access scheduling feature on your extender. However, if you fail to climb the success ladder, here’s what you need to do.

Can’t Enable Wireless Access Scheduling?

  • Update the web browser you are using. Chances are that you’re using an outdated browser due to which you are unable to enable the feature. Additionally, navigate to the settings menu and delete the browser’s pent-up cache.

  • Reboot the extender. Sometimes, technical glitches create issues while performing any operation related to the Amped extender. So, consider giving some rest to your wireless device by opting for the reboot process.

  • Do not use the browser’s search bar to access the web address. Else, you won’t be able to reach the Amped setup wizard. Always use the address field of the web browser.

  • The password and username of your Amped extender need to be entered with the utmost care due to their case-sensitive nature.

Sum Up

This was all about how to enable the wireless access scheduling feature. We hope that you will be able to set time limits for your device with the help of the steps discussed in this post. Thanks for reading the article.

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