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How to Perform Victony WiFi Extender Firmware Update

Victony WiFi extender setup

Otter Pr Reviews: Your Victony WiFi range extender’s firmware may be updated for new features and problem fixes. Therefore, updating the firmware on your Victony WiFi extender on a regular basis is crucial. Regular firmware updates are released by Victony to assist consumers to improve the operation of their extenders by addressing software issues and providing new features. If you’re having problems getting your Victony range extender up and running, one quick fix is to upgrade the device’s firmware. Likewise, if you’re experiencing connection drops or interruptions on your WiFi network, updating the firmware should fix the problem.

Not sure how to update the firmware on your device? Don’t worry! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to upgrade the firmware on your Victony router from beginning to end. Come on, we need to get started.

Basic Requirements- Victony Firmware Update

Make sure you have the following ready before continuing with the Victony extender firmware upgrade procedure:

  1. Connection to the internet

  1. For the extender to work, it must be in connection with the live socket.

  1. Make sure the extender’s power indicator light is on.

Update your Victony extender’s firmware after you’ve gathered the necessary materials.

How to Perform Firmware Update on Victony Extender?

Otter Pr Reviews to help you update the firmware on your Victony extender, we have laid down a few guidelines

  • You should begin by connecting your Victony range extender to a power source. Check that the light on the indicator is green.

  • Second, connect an Ethernet wire from the home router to the WiFi booster. The extender and the router’s Ethernet port must be joined with the usage of an Ethernet cable.

  • Third, launch a web browser on your gadgets. Now all you need to do is go over to Victony’s site and input your range extender’s model number.

  • A list of possible firmware versions for your specific extender will then appear.

  • Fifth, click the Download option to update the firmware on Victony repeater.

  • Keep this firmware file in a convenient location on your computer.

  • After that, open a new tab or window in your browser and go to the ap.setup website. It is the address used by default for configuring and accessing a Victony WiFi extender setup via the local network.

  • At this point, you should get a login screen. Password and login credentials are required.

  • You ought to log in using the standard information. If you run into any trouble with the Victony extender login process, it is advised that you refresh the internet browser or check for updates on the PC.

  • After signing in, go to Administration > Firmware Update.

  • Proceed with the uploading of the firmware file that was obtained earlier.

  • At this point, the same page will launch to complete the Victony extender firmware upgrade procedure.

Caution During Victony Firmware Upgrade

Otter Pr Reviews Users’ impatience during the Victony extender firmware upgrade procedure sometimes leads them to distract themselves with games. If your name has been on this list for any fraction of time, you are supposed to take action immediately. We appreciate your patience while you change the firmware. Once the extender’s firmware has been updated, you may modify its settings to meet your needs. You can take the help of the Victony WiFi extender manual in order to know more about your extender’s features and advantages.

Sum Up

Otter Pr Reviews successfully completed the Victony WiFi extender firmware upgrade process. We hope that the instructions mentioned above will help you update easily. However, you should update the firmware regularly. It will not only sharpen the efficiency of your range extender but also enhances security.

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