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How to update Udyam certificates online.

Udyam Registration: first of all we throw the light on the topic ‘ Udyam certificate’ :

Earlier we discussed the Udyam registration, Udyam certificate, and the need for a Udyam certificate. 

As per the  Government of India notification that the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises have been known as the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises under this MSME act, 2006 from 1st of July 2020. The registration under this is known as the Udyam registration. all the small companies which are in operation without Udyam registration, need to get registered under this scheme so that they could avail the number of benefits and relaxations provided by the government.

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises ( MSME) Udyam registration certificate is the most important certificate, this plays an important role to run your business or enterprise and can benefit you in many ways. By registering your enterprise, company, or business on MSME, you will get the Udyam registration certificate which really has several advantages to support your company or business.

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After completing the registration process you will get a certificate which is known as the Udyam registration certificate, issued by the MSME ministry. On this Udyam registration certificate, there is a dynamic QR code is printed on it. using this code all the information and details about the enterprises or the companies can be accessed. When you receive this certificate, there is no need for renewal of registration. And other details like GST and PAN and the annual turnover of the companies or the enterprises will be automatically taken by the concerned government database.

Need for the Udyam certificate :

  • Taking a bank loan in an easy manner and at a low bank rate.
  • you can get government tenders easily.
  • easily you can get the business license and the approval for the business
  • reimbursement of payment for the ISO  certifications
  • The enterprises which are registered under the MSME can avail of all benefits, tariffs and taxes, and subsidies.
  • exemptions indirect taxes laws

Methods of updating in Udyam registration certificate :

More than 10.5 L of small-scale enterprises or company owners enrolled in the Udyam registration portal, but after getting the Udyam certificate they make some mistakes.  For curving these mistakes and problems there is an option on the thinUdyam registration web portal for the correction

Steps For  updating the Udyam registration certificate :

At first. Go to the  official web portal, and click on the tab

Enter the URN ( Udyam registration certificate, the name of the applicant, mobile number, and the Email address which is already printed on the Udyam certificate.

Now select the mobile number and the email address (which is already you have registered) where you want to get this OTP. it will be sent to your given email address or the mobile number that you have chosen.

Next, you have to make a payment for this updation service.

The representatives will get in touch and review your concern and the process will be started.

you have to wait for a few working hours then you will get an updated Udyam certificate by the email address which you have registered.

remark:  To complete the whole process you are required to share your OTP with the representatives for the other process. 

what are the options, you can not update and  change :

one more thing is that you can not update the few options: applicant name, district name, aadhar no, and state name in the Udyam registration certificate but PAN can be updated in some special cases.

Here I thoroughly describe the criteria to update the Udyam registration certificate along with I discussed the Udyam registration certificate and the options that can be updated and what can not be updated. I am sure that the people who are facing problems with the updation of the Udyam registration certificate, can change or update this certificate in an easy way.

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