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How to use the SEO to build company Brand Awareness

How to use the SEO to build company Brand Awareness

One of the main tasks of brand managers is increasing company brand awareness. SEO has played a critical role in building the understanding of a brand. The role has changed significantly over the years. Earlier, digital marketers could flood the website’s landing pages to achieve high SERP rankings. Nowadays, you need a strategic SEO strategy for local and international visibility. This is important to increase the awareness of the brand. With technology, search engine algorithms have also gotten more innovative and user-focused. 


How can one use SEO to build Brand Awareness?

1. Use link building as a strategy.

Link building can sometimes really be tricky. The number of referring domains which link to a page has much to do with high SERP. It is a known fact that the higher you are in the search results, the higher your brand awareness will be. Hence, you should use link building as a part of your strategy. The high-quality content helps us land more successful links. It could be through email outreach or guest posting. Many people also combine offline marketing with link building to increase the brand’s awareness to a great extent.


  1. Optimize the keyword phrases to increase the organic search traffic

Organic visibility on Google is essential to attain performance goals and brand awareness KPIs. Improving SEO and growing organic presence should be the top priority of marketers. SEO can affect brand awareness to a great extent. Ranking highly demonstrates credibility and makes it easier for potential customers to find you. Scrolling through a very long list of search results has become obsolete. It is important to place more focus on long-tail keywords. It boasts a 3-5% higher click rate than generic searches. You should ensure that your company is voice-search ready. You should also evaluate and optimize search intent and leverage the structured data. Sometimes, people tend to underestimate structured data. However, it is very essential for rich snippets that contain product images and other details that help you stand out. There are various elements such as knowledge graphs, local packs and featured snippets. This is fantastic for generating traffic with zero ad spend.

To get on the customer’s radar, you should target non-commercial keywords via SEO. 


  1. Leverage branded search terms

You should also consider optimizing keyword strategy and analyzing branded search terms. These search terms are the queries that include the name of your brand. You should increase the volume of your branded search terms and the overall power of your website.

The power and influence that your brand can earn from the significant search volumes allow you to work on increasing the SERP rankings for the non-branded keywords.

The SEO team uses analytics to generate a report on the keyword data and the search trends to check what their customers were searching for. They also checked where they were located. With this data, they have a keyword strategy, and they are ready to rebuild their website content accordingly. According to a survey, there is an increase of 169% in organic search traffic. This traffic included the branded as well as the non-branded search results. 

Many people use SEO Gold Coast, an SEO company that helps business owners increase their website traffic, sales, and leads. 


  1. Utilize local SEO

Many multinational brands see local SEO as a waste of time and resources. However, local SEO also doesn’t refer to only optimizing for one area. It also optimizes your content with precise locations in mind. 46% of all the search queries have local intent, meaning that people search for brands that fulfil their needs locally. This is where geo-targeting comes in. 

It is the process of delivering different content to different users based on their location. Someone in Los Angeles who visits your website will have a need other than a New York user. Thus, one needs to have different versions of the website. Each version should contain the content created with that specific location in mind.


Your site should be mobile-friendly, and its website design should be such that it should improve the page speed and optimize all the alt tags. You can also add the local schema to your website. It is also essential to gather website backlinks and ensure all your locations have an up-to-date Google My Business Page.


You can also work on generating local reviews. It will improve the trust signals around your brands. It will also encourage the local consumers to give you a try. Sometimes, online reviews tend to have a significant impact on the consumer’s opinions of local businesses.


  1. Integrate other channels with SEO

Organic traffic is necessary for success. However, it is not very easy to grow in online marketing. Integrating your SEO with another marketing channel might also require extra effort. You also need to spend money on paid campaigns to ensure your content is seen. 

SEO and social media work hand in hand to increase your brand awareness. You are also able to connect with your target audience with the help of social media. It is crucial to see to it that your posts are relevant. 


We all know that there is a difference between publishing great content and promoting it on social media channels. 


You should try to build a company’s authority and trust on social media. You should also try to reach a wider audience. It helps bring more people to the content you publish on your website. It also encourages other websites to link back to your articles that support backlinks acquisition.


This boosts SEO performance and also increases brand awareness. 

You can also utilize the target keywords and the audiences to run your campaign accordingly. 



  1. Concentrate on top-of-the-funnel content

It is a fact that optimized content gets more traffic and leads. Your content should be high-quality and fresh. It should be the right type of content and it should be the type your target audience is looking for. 


Top-of-the-funnel content has one main goal. It moves people further down the funnel so that they become leads and eventually customers. It is important to make sure that the content covers topics that are of interest to your target audience.


You should also try to repurpose and update the content on your website. However, you should also remove the content that is no longer relevant. You should not create a bad impression by providing off-putting content. 


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