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Kuari Pass Trekking Guide

kuari pass

Only one Mountain Pass That Can Be Trekked in Winters

In the winter, Kuari Pass is indeed a mountain Right away, a never-ending view of the tallest mountains in India becomes visible. You even have access to the most crystal-clear view of Mount Devi Devi, the highest mountain in India.

addition to something like this. You pass through historic forests of oak and cherry trees. The trail enters meadows just like your eyes adjust to the forest canopy above. The walk is because of the interaction of the scenery.

On this trek to Kuari Pass, you get to sleep in some amazing places. Whether they’re the Chitrakantha trees or the Khullar 

Kuari Peak is the trek to take if this is your first foray into the Himalayas. 

The trip begins in User ’s personal, a small town in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal close to Joshimath. In the Nanda Devi Nature Reserve, where it is located.

A beginner in the Himalayas can easily complete the simple trek to Kuari Pass. There seem to be 3 things about the walk, though, that stick you the most.

A Brief Trip


Take a car to Tapovan from Rishikesh

Drive time: 9–10 hours; driving distance: 263 km; grab location 

At precisely 5.15 AM, transportation will be set up. For the trip from Rishikesh to Tapoban, the fee is Rs 8000 each car (5-6 seats) & Rs 12,000 for tempo traveller (12 seats). That cost of the return trip to Rishikesh is Rs 8,000 for just a five- to six-seater or Rs 12,000 for a fast traveller.

Drive via Tapoban till Karchi on Day 2.

From Karchi, hike to Akhrotghetta. Trekking distance: 2.75 kilometres; time required: 5 to 6 hours; height gain: 6,175 to 10,035 feet.


Hike via Akhrotghetta towards Khullara on Day 3.

Trekking distance of 2.5 km; hiking time of 4-5 hours; and elevation gain of 10,035 to 11,014 feet


Trek via Khullara to Tali through the Kuari Pass Day 4.

Trekking distance: 7.65 km; trekking time: 8 to 9 hrs; elevation changes: 11,014 feet to 11,053 feet via 12,516 feet

Day 5. Hike via Tali to Auli on Go to Joshimath by car

Trekking 8.10 miles, lasting 7-8 hours, and losing 11,053 feet to 8,546 feet in elevation

DAY 6: Leave Joshimath and travel to Rishikesh

Mileage: 263 kilometres Drive Time: 9 to 10 hours

Fall location: Rishikesh’s Live Wild Hostel

By 7:00 p.m., you should be home in Rishikesh. Trekkers are required to cover this transportation expense and pay the operator directly. Each cab costs Rs 7,000 and is shared by 5–6 trekkers. A Pace Traveller costs Rs 10,500.

With the exception of July – August, the Kuari Trekking Route is approachable for ten days of the year.

Without the monsoon season, Kuari Pass has four distinct seasons cold, spring, summer, & autumn. Every season is unique and beautiful in its individual way. Freezing at Kuari Pass picture Daytime: 8 to 14 degrees Celsius | Temperature at nighttime will fall to somewhere between -8 °C and -14 °C.

Ice is present; it starts to accumulate at the camp site in January. From December through the end of March, the entire valley and scenery will be covered in white. img There are five hot clothes needed.

Summertime at Kuari Pass

Average highs will range between 18 and 24 °C; during night, they will dip with between 3 to 8 °C.

image Three hot coats were necessary. You may expect warm, nice weather and a little bit during the summer. So, if you want to hike now would be the time to do it. Do plan on beginning your gentle showers before the summer is over. in the afternoon and last into. It will signal a start of rainy season.

Why Conditioning Counts on the Easy Kuari Pass Hike You can expect to hike between five and six kilometres per day on intermediate excursions such as the Kuari Pass. Along the route, anticipate gentle climbs and downhills. Aproximately 12,500 feet will mark the These hikes don’t side, but a that call for surefootedness.

is to complete 5 kilometers with a 38-minute time limit.

Please take note that you must complete the Jogging days of registering if you are over 58 years old.

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