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list of best Desert Camps in Jaisalmer



A desert camp has a lot to offer to its visitors. Some camps are inclined towards showing cultural refinement while others focus on showing the best of a desert.  Jaisalmer camping is one of the most popular activities in Rajasthan.

Sunrise and Sunsets

Watching sunrise and sunset over the mountains and oceans is what we must all have done before. But watching the sun rising or setting sitting over those sand dunes is a very different feeling to experience. 

Music and Folkdance

Sitting under the sky while enjoying a bonfire is the best part of a desert camp. Get a perfect insight into the local Rajasthani music and dances from the local musicians and dancers there. Local men and women dance to the tunes of their famous songs and you can’t afford to miss those moments. You can get a chance to sleep in the open over a sand dune and enjoy the clear sky of Jaisalmer.

Camel Safari

Previously, camels were used mainly to carry huge loads and these days they serve the purpose of tourism. You can choose from two types of camel safaris- a short ride on the back of the camel will just give you a glimpse of the tourist while a long ride will take you far into the desert. 

Jeep Safari

You will be experiencing the rollercoaster ride on a jeep in the dunes of the desert and the feeling is quite moreish. Losing control on one side to getting back on the track by the driver on the other is fun not to miss.

Rajputana Camp

This desert camp is located in the Sam dunes area and a new one too established in the year 2014. It provides you with a flawless experience of camping in Jaisalmer. They offer professional musicians and dancers to their visitors. Also offer camel safari, paragliding, and bike tours too.

Serai Camp

It is a luxurious tent site and can be the ultimate indulgence of camping. this has many facilities like a relaxation area, a huge bedroom, and a lavish bathroom. It also gives you an experience of a private lawn and a pool. After a long tiring day, you can enjoy a wonderful spa too. 

Winds desert camp

This desert camp offers tents with and without ac’s. Also houses a restaurant that serves Indian food. They offer camel safari, jeep safari, and even a few outdoor games.

These were the few tents stay options but there are many more you can consider for your stay. Desert camp stays can be easily booked online.


The Golden City, Jaisalmer is a place in the state of Rajasthan which is situated in the heart of the Thar Desert. With a population of a mere 78000, this desert city is founded on yellow sandstone, which forms gold in the scorching sun and is crowned as the Jaisalmer Fort. A visit to the golden city of Jaisalmer gives you a feel of the royal family of Rajputs and stalwarts of the bygone era; By staying here for a long time, you will experience its veracity and heroism.

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