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Sandakphu Trip – A Total Aide for travelers

sandakphu trek


One such spot is Sandakphu, which offers vistas of four of the greatest tops on earth. The most elevated mountain on the planet, Everest, overshadows and between the Kanchenjunga family, which remembers the fourth-and fifth-tallest tops for the world, Lhotse and Makalu, individually. Our experts will give you all the data you want about the Sandakphu journey here, including the Sandakphu journey plan, the Sandakphu journey cost, and that’s just the beginning. To become familiar with this astonishing excursion, scroll can likewise visit pangarchulla can also visit Kheerganga Trek.


As a result of the destructive aconite plants in Sandakphu, the most noteworthy mountain in the Singalila range, the Sanskrit name Sandakphu signifies “level of the harmful plants.” The aconite plant’s underlying foundations are utilized to make prescriptions, however similar species’ small purple-blue blooms are deadly whenever consumed. The Sandakphu journey is the most notable excursion in West Bengal and quite possibly of the best trip in Eastern India. At 3636 meters, it is the most noteworthy point in Bengal (11930 ft). Sandakphu impeccably depicts the untainted excellence of the snow. Here, nature is at its most flawless, and the move to the highest point is definitely justified for the view it offers.

lights will just break the spell.

Journey Type: Hard High Elevation Traveling Easy to Direct

Level of Sandakphu Journey: 3636 meters (11930 ft)

Journeying time: 5 evenings and 6 days

Beginning of the Sandakphu Journey: NJP

Value: Rs. 6,000 (approx.)

Optimal Season For An Excursion To Sandakphu Journey

Any season is fitting for the Sandakphu walk. By and by, contingent upon the season, the region has various appearances. Contingent upon the season, the Sandakphu climb has its strengths.

April in Sandakphu (spring)

The best chance to head to Sandakphu or leave on the Sandakphu climb is in April. The rhododendrons were in sprout right now, and the whole forest burst into variety. Everything is by all accounts striking and diverse. Also, you might see a portion of the locale’s wonderful creatures.

November and October for Sandakphu Trip (Harvest time)

The best opportunity to visit Sandakphu if you have any desire to see the mountains in the entirety of their quality is throughout the fall a long time of October and November. You will appreciate shocking vistas of the mountain ranges and stunning dawns on the grounds that the sky will be clear. You can see snowfall on the path assuming that you climb in late January or early February.

Journey to Sandakphu Temperature

Three unmistakable seasons can be utilized to finish the Sandakphu trip. Occasional varieties in Sandakphu’s temperature should be visible.

The most popular climbing season is fall. The rainstorm season is finished, the weather conditions is bright and fresh with a temperature scope of – 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. The following normal season for climbers to encounter snow in winter. One of the interesting climbs that get any snowfall is this one. The outcome is that the path is seldom hindered. Wintertime lows and highs in the temperature range from – 11 to 7 degrees Celsius.

Level of Sandakphu Trip

One of India’s tallest mountains is Sandakphu, the most elevated top in West Bengal. The top is the most elevated point in the area, rising 11930 feet/3636 meters above ocean level. The commonplace Sandakphu level at headquarters is approximately 6400 feet or 1951 meters. It then, at that point, keeps on extending consistently.

Level of Sandakphu in feet – Sandakphu is 11,930 feet tall at its most noteworthy point and offers a shocking perspective on the biggest mountain ranges in the globe. To ensure you don’t get intense mountain affliction, you should figure out the level of Sandakphu in feet prior to beginning the journey.


Sandakphu level – 

At 11,930 feet, Sandakphu elevation is home to wonderful Snow capped vegetation like the lasting rhododendrons, tremendous fir, birch, and even bamboo trees. One of the intriguing high-height strolls with a peaceful teahouse stay is the Sandakphu Phalut journey.

The Sandakphu Journey: How Would I Arrive?

You could decide to make a trip to Bagdogra via air. Then again, travel to Bagdogra normally costs more than to Kolkata. You could consider your spending plan and pursue a choice in view of that.

Train: The nearest train station is NJP. It is a huge rail route station situated in the southwest of Sikkim. You can go to NJP straight via train or by taking a blend train from Kolkata.

Transport: A few transports travel between Kolkata, Siliguri, and NJP. You can take the transport in the event that there aren’t any open seats on the train. Despite the fact that the outing isn’t especially charming, you can hold a sleeper transport at a fair cost. Begin your vehicle trip whenever you’ve arrived at NJP or Bagdogra and taken in the lovely environmental elements. ‍

Via Vehicle: Voyagers can take a vehicle to the headquarters and climb from that point. The subsequent option is to drive the full Sandakphu, hindering the need to walk and permitting you to sit in the taxi, take in the view, and reconnect with nature.

Things to Welcome on the Sandakphu Trip

We’re here to assist you with making a rundown of a portion of the necessities and suggested merchandise you ought to pack.

Fundamental Gear:

Downpour and a Knapsack (50-60 ltr) covered with cushioned shoulder lashes

Strolling Staff: Suggested

a head light

2 one-liter containers of water all out. A hydration pack and a one-liter container ought to be conveyed by the people who use them. Bring along a few dry organic products, energy bars, something like one canteen flagon, and casting a ballot powder.

Individual medical aid pack

Last Decision

This was all the data you had to be familiar with the Sandakphu trip, another phenomenal journeying experience in India. We trust that this careful aide will make it simpler for you to all the more likely arrange your outing for the Sankdakphu climb. Nonetheless, prior to making any movement arrangements, our specialists reprimand the perusers to figure out the latest status of significant components.


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