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Scope & Limitations Of Research In Phd Dissertation – A Comprehensive Guide

Can a PhD degree in a particular subject help in your career? If you are struggling with this question, then you are in the right place. The scope of PhD depends on various factors, but it depends more on the individual who is getting the degree. With ever-increasing technological trends, the way of performing in any job is changing. This leads to many new challenges for companies. It has now become very hard to retain traditional strategies. In this situation, a person with a PhD degree in a particular field can be very useful as it helps to give you effective and advanced techniques to smartly solve many real-life problems. In Ph.D dissertation, you are supposed to work on different aspects including scope and limitations. As per its importance, this article will show you the details about the scope and limitations of research in PhD dissertation.

What is PhD Dissertation?

The PhD dissertation is one form of academic writing which is supposed to discuss a real-life problem in detail. Through PhD research, you are supposed to invent something new which is beneficial for the community. In your academic career, the longest research is of PhD, which requires much of your attention on every little aspect. There are several sections which are part of your dissertation, and each section is supposed to have a particular role to play. You can take the main divisions as the chapters of a dissertation. The PhD research is not a simple task, but it requires lots of things, including a research proposal and grant proposal at the start. After that, you are supposed to deal with a literature review and identification of a particular topic for research. That is how different milestones have different requirements. One of the most important things in a PhD dissertation is the scope of research. From the start of research till the end, you are supposed to be very careful about the scope of the study. In this way, you can keep your research of PhD dissertation one-directional.

Furthermore, the limitation of the study plays a vital role. The limitations tell the reader about the areas which have not been covered by you. So, whenever a researcher plan to continue the area of your study, he can better identify what to include as well as exclude from the research aim.

Guidelines for Research Scope

In the scope of research, you are supposed to address 5Ws. These 5Ws include why, what, where, when, who as well as how.

  • In the first W, which is “why”, you need to address the main aim of the study. There can be single or multiple objectives as well. Based on the need of the hour, you have to decide the number.
  • Secondly, you have to work on “what”; a detailed investigation of the study is made in it. Also, you can better deal with designed variables in research.
  • Furthermore, the research scope in a PhD dissertation is supposed to deal with “where” and “when”. In “where”, you need to deal with location details. Mention the targeted area and units of study.
  • While “when” has to come up with the timeframe of research. For academic research, you need to fulfil your task within the specified duration of time. So, you must add this aspect to the scope of research.
  • Apart from all that, you have to describe the targeted audience, based on which you can generalize the results of PhD dissertation. The scope of a dissertation is concluded with the details of the research design (experimental, non-experimental, qualitative, quantitative, mixed research or case study).

Limitation of Research in PhD Dissertation

Other than the scope of the study, it is necessary to keep an eye on its limitations. The limitation of one study encourages another researcher to further exploration of a particular area. There can be one or multiple limitations in one dissertation. Let’s get to know about all limitations of research with a brief description.

  • The limitation of research in a PhD dissertation can be in the form of an objective. For a particular problem, you may have targeted just one aspect. In this case, the other researchers can get a chance to work on other aspects of a problem, and this kind of limitation is taken as a gap in the objective.
  • Also, there can be a limitation of questions which can be because of the sample size or selection criteria. It is in your hand to cover one or multiple questions as per the need, but if any of the possible question is missing, you must address them in the limitation section of the study. If you do not get anything, PhD dissertation writing services can guide you very well.

What are the Benefits of Know About the Scope and Limitations of Research in PhD Dissertation?

By having an exact idea about the scope and limitations of the study, you can have expertise in the area of research. The expertise in your area can help you in the future through the following means:

Future of Your Field

Your future depends on how much you know about your field and the tools used in this field. After getting enough experience or knowledge in this field, you can do several roles associated with the domain of your research. For this, research in PhD dissertation can be a great step in this career to get the right knowledge.

Handsome Salary Package

By working on PhD dissertation, you get a good hand on research, and your research expertise helps you earn a handsome income. A senior role can offer you a sustainable salary. That is why this is one of the most sought-after jobs in the market. The scope of your research can help you identify the domain of study.


A PhD dissertation can give you a chance to grow with the help of the latest technologies, such as big data. Undoubtedly, this degree will be a great choice for a successful career. With this skill, you can easily choose the profession of your expertise and many other related jobs after completing your degree.

Final Thoughts

The scope and limitations of research have great importance in a PhD dissertation. Both aspects play a vital role in guiding reading about the topic of discussion. All you need to know is how to deal with scope and limitations expertly. PhD is the most senior level of academics, so it demands high accuracy in every little aspect of research.

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