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Konkan the place that is famous and well-known by it’s name Konkan coast is a location that is situated in the western coast of India. Konkan is located within the Indian state of Maharashtra. Konkan is situated in the midst of several rivers. There are also many stunning forts. It’s enhanced in its beauty by the high mountains and can also visit for Scuba diving In Malvan

Many tourists come to Konkan because of its beautiful. For those who are looking for adventure, Konkan openly welcomes you with lots of adventure as well. There are a variety of adventure activities that can be found there, such as speed boat excursions, scuba diving and many more.

Divers can dive in Konkan

Konkan is regarded as the most ideal place to go diving. There’s a lot of fun and exciting activities that make Konkan the ideal location for water lovers. Because of Konkan being situated in the coast the area offers stunning views as well as a variety of water sports such as kayaking, river rafting and more.

The Best Places to Go to go for Scuba Diving

The two most popular places in which Scuba Diving is available include Malvan in the Malvan region and Tarkarli. As we mentioned previously, Konkan is the best spot for water sports too.

1. Malvan

The very first location where you can go diving is located in Malvan. The company offers its services to tourists and locals. The diving zone is situated in the south of Sindhudurg fort. Its Kudal railroad station located close to Malvan which is located in a distance of around 30 kilometers.

Transportation options such as cabs and buses are accessible at Malvan starting from Kudal. You can reserve your accommodation at the hotels situated on the island of tsunami. It is possible to reach the Scuba diving site from the island via the Jetty. The guide will be our experienced staff who will be with you all the way through your trip.

The course will be taught by professionals who are trained. Also, you can enjoy an Banana boat ride or bumper boat ride and island tours as well. You’ll have a enjoyable time in the clear water of the gorgeous beaches of Malvan, Konkan. The cost for Scuba Diving is INR 8250 for 6 hours.


2. Tarkarli

Tarkarli is another excellent spot to go for Scuba Diving in Konkan. It is a must to take a trip to Scuba Diving on Tsunami Island in this area too. It’s located on the coast in Devbagh within Konkan. Kudal railway station isn’t far, as it is 45 km from Konkan to Tarkarli. You can use a taxi or bus to reach Tarkarli beach. There are numerous water sports to enjoy here.

You will be given a qualified instructor to lead you through water-related diversions.They will guide you in how to reduce anxiety under the sea while diving. There is also the option of a dolphin safaris. The duration of the safari is six hours and costs INR 850.00.


Tips for Scuba Diving

If you’re planning to Scuba Diving at Konkan, here are some tips you need to remember.

  • Do not smoke as smoking is not allowed in the area.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol as it is a restricted drink.
  • If you’re planning for a day of Scuba Diving, don’t go there under the influence alcohol.
  • Do not ever ignore the advice of experts even if are a pro in swimming, since it’s not a matter of negotiation.
  • Be sure to bring the necessary items such as ID proofs, extra sets of towels, clothes as well as food and shoes.
  • Do not forget to use sunscreen all the time. Make sure to carry medical and sanitation kits too.
  • If you’re not an excellent swimmer, you can opt to go for Scuba diving as you will be trained by professional instructors and they ensure your security.
  • Before you go for Scuba Diving, do not consume oily foods.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals.
  • Food items that are acidic , such as pineapple, need to be avoided when planning to go Scuba Diving.
  • You should consume solid and starchy foods only.


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