Thursday Sep 28, 2023

What does happiness have to do with education?

As a society, we often place emphasis on academic excellence, achievements, knowledge and skills when our primary goal should be the pursuit of happiness. Maple Leaf Kingsley International School believes in creating a safe and happy environment where children feel confident to learn, grow and shine. Read more to find out how happiness translates into […]

Raising An Independent Decision Maker

Watching your child grow is often a bittersweet experience. Graduating from baby-talk to asking seemingly endless questions like “Why can’t I eat the food after it dropped on the floor?”, “Why must I wash my hands?” and “Why is this allowed and not that?” is simply nature taking its course. While you may dismiss some […]


In Anya Kamenetz’ book, “How To Raise Brilliant Children According To Science”, the details mentioned are very similar to the emergent curriculum of Reggio Emilia. Across some regions, this pedagogy is rising in popularity and is a trusted method in other parts of the world. So what exactly is the Reggio Emilia method? Origins of Reggio […]

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen? Try this kitchen design company in Petaling Jaya for inspiration.

The kitchen is often called the soul of a home. This is where all the magic happens. From whipping delicious meals to cooking together – the kitchen is one of the central areas in the house where the family bonds. And nothing beats a kitchen island where the family can have a meal together. Thus, […]

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