Friday Sep 22, 2023

Top 5 Apps for Chinese to Watch TV Shows on Your Android

If you want to practice your Mandarin Chinese, you can watch some of the best TV shows in Chinese on your Android device. These apps are ideal for students who are on a budget, but still want to learn the language. You can choose from a wide range of shows, most of which are in Chinese, without any English subtitles. These apps are great for beginners as well as advanced students. Some of the best shows to watch on your android device include Lu Yu You Yue, a popular variety show in mainland China. Another popular show is Ran Xin Wen, a news program that focuses on world news and economics.


If you’re a Chinese, you’ve likely heard of Snaptube, a free mobile app that lets you watch TV shows in Mandarin. This popular video streaming service is available for iOS and Android and has over 900 million monthly users. It also offers a wealth of Chinese videos, including kuso-style parodies and ACG-themed mobile games. It also offers subtitles in both Chinese and English. The best part is, you can download a trial version for free.

However, the app has been accused of questionable behavior in the past. Security firm Sophos recently accused Snaptube of fraudulent activity in which it plays “invisible” ads in the background and fakes app clicks. The bad actors rely on these ads to generate revenue. According to Sophos, Snaptube was updated more than 3,000 times in one day.


Vidiq is a great choice for a number of reasons. It has an easy-to-navigate interface and offers both English and Chinese subtitles for shows. For advanced learners, this app offers a wealth of free content. You can watch classic mainland Chinese variety shows like Lu Yu You Yue, or watch the latest news and documentaries with Chinese subtitles. The app also allows you to practice your Mandarin listening skills.

Another great option for a Chinese user is iQIYI. This service is free to download and supports both Android and iOS devices. It offers a variety of TV shows and movies from China, as well as Korean productions. Another great feature of iQIYI is the fact that its interface is very clean and features a search bar. It also allows users to browse different genres of TV shows and movies.

ifvod tv

Ifvod is an application that offers Chinese content. It features almost 1 million movies and TV shows as well as educational videos and live shows. It also offers many content in the Chinese language to make it easier for viewers to understand. Moreover, IFVOD allows users to watch premium video content without any fees.

Ifvod tv is one of the best applications for Chinese to watch TV shows and movies on their mobile devices. It offers a huge database of Chinese tv shows and movies, and the interface is easy to navigate. You can select a genre or show to watch, and the app also provides an option for filtering the content.

Ifvod has been around since 2006, and has grown to become one of the best Chinese television streaming services available on the Internet. Its library of Chinese television shows and movies has been growing steadily over the years. In addition to that, Ifvod has started producing its own original content. This has earned Ifvod great praise from the international audience. With Ifvod, you can easily watch Chinese TV shows on your Android or iPhone.


If you’re a beginner or intermediate learner of Mandarin, these Chinese TV apps for Android can help you brush up on your language skills while keeping you entertained. The videos are dubbed into Chinese and feature fast loading speeds and minimal ads. You can also watch a Chinese version of popular anime series such as Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. The app also offers news, documentaries, and variety shows in Mandarin.

Youku is the number one video streaming application in China. It offers a variety of Chinese content and is completely free to download. It also has paid premiums, which allow you to watch a wider selection of content. Despite the Chinese character interface, navigation is simple and intuitive.


If you are looking for an app that lets you watch Chinese TV shows, you have a few options. Some of these apps are completely free and others require a subscription. While a free version of most of these apps will let you watch a limited amount of content, you can always subscribe to VIP shows for access to more premium content.

WeTv is a great choice for watching Chinese dramas, especially if you want subtitles in English. You can choose from a huge library of dramas on this streaming platform, and you can also stream older episodes for free. You can even subscribe to a premium plan for more content, if you want to watch the newest series.

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