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Top Things To Do In Saint-Martin That You Simply Must Try

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Saint Martin continues to be known as the rare gem of the West Indies even in the present era. The island is divided between the French and the Dutch, both of which are independent countries. It is around 250 kilometers north of Guadeloupe and 240 kilometers east of Puerto Rico.

This island is home to two distinct cultures, the French call their capital Marigot, while the Dutch call it Philipsburg. A must-visit place for tourists to enjoy a chilled vibe. If you are willing to go there anytime soon. Without any doubt, start planning, and make jetblue airways bookings online hassle-free. Also, save up to 60% off on round trips on every flight.

Where should you go and what should you do while in Saint Martin? Visit these top 10 attractions in Saint-Martin to see why this island of 75,000 is worth the trip.


Visit the city’s two main streets, Front Street and Back Street, where you’ll find a wide variety of items sold without tax. Bars and casinos line the entirety of Front Street, commonly known as Great Bay Voorstraat. The Courthouse, which is on the same street as your destination, is also worth a look. One of the most significant historical sites on the Dutch side of Saint Martin, it is a must-see for any history buff.

Marigot, the French island capital

The town of Marigot was named after the many marshes (or marigots) that once covered the area. As you stroll around the city’s commercial core, keep an eye out for the historic Creole huts that have been painstakingly refurbished to house a number of high-end shops. Take advantage of the island’s most notable feature the lack of a statewide sales tax by doing some shopping. Do not pass up the chance to see Fort St. Louis.

Huge storage space

Grand Case is a community that can be found north-northeast of Marigot. This picturesque town is known as the “culinary capital of the West Indies” and draws visitors with its powdery beaches and colorful architecture. The Anse pleasant beach is another option (Happy bay). You can’t avoid going there because it’s quieter and less crowded than the other beaches on the island.

Taking a boat out on the water

Whether you’re staying for a while or just passing through, there’s one thing you absolutely must do while visiting the beautiful island of Saint Martin. By going on a cruise, of course! It’s true that if you rent a boat in Saint Martin, you’ll have access to the Caribbean in ways you never thought imaginable.

The hike itself will be filled with wonders as well. Amazing landscapes, such as paradisiacal beaches, crystal-clear waters where marine life can be seen clearly, and exquisite mountain vistas, will leave your students in awe of their surroundings.

This is where butterflies are raised

This fundamental is relevant to readers of any age. The 900-square-meter butterfly farm is devoted to the protection of rare species and features some of the most beautiful butterflies in the world.

To the Limits of Heaven

Have you decided what you want to do in Saint Martin yet? Obtain the utmost island vantage point by ascending Pic Paradis. It is 424 meters above sea level, making it Saint Martin’s highest point, and the hike up to the peak offers spectacular views of the Caribbean and Marigot. Those who are in better physical shape and have a deeper respect for nature can embark on a three-hour ascent that begins at the Pic’s base.

The National Wildlife Refuge of Saint Martin

Saint Martin’s nature reserve is one of the island’s numerous highlights, so don’t miss it if you’re visiting. Located in the northeastern section of the French sector, this region was established over two decades ago and spans 3,060 hectares. Its mission is to protect the island’s mangrove forests, seagrass meadows, coral reefs, coastal forests, and ponds.

How to reach Saint-Martin?

By air

Most of the direct flights between Paris Charles de Gaulle and St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport are operated by Air France. If you switch airlines, you might be allowed to stop over at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

By road

A valid French or international driver’s license will suffice for driving on the island. While visiting St. Martin, renting a car will prove to be the most practical mode of transportation.


The French side is more well-known for its laid-back atmosphere and quantity of beaches, while the Dutch side is famed for its active nightlife, as indicated by the large number of clubs that can be found in the western region. So what are you waiting for? Plan your most awaited vacation with AirlinesMap and head to this paradise place!

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