Sunday Dec 10, 2023

Website Builder vs E-Commerce Platform: What’s the Difference

When it comes to setting up an online store, online consumers often use online websites and e-commerce platforms similarly. Even though, both the terms may be similar but they come with their own set of differences. Both platforms present a range of tools that are required for optimum function. However, this is another dilemma for people as they are unable to choose which platform to select to launch their online business.

Understand the Level Of Your Technical Skills

All that said, before launching their online store, a business owner needs to determine whether he will be acquiring the services of a professional designer or will make do with the options available on the web. Most business owners do not have the required technical knowledge and require external assistance. However, if you are not sure, you can always hire a professional to set up your store.

Otherwise, many digital platforms and websites assist as per the technical skills of the owner. For instance, if you define your technical skills as mid-tiered, then you can work on an e-commerce platform with a similar technical capacity and interface. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, you will find online platforms, that are more suitable for your precise capability. This is why the level of your technical skills is imperative at selecting the appropriate platform for your online store.

Require A Digital Platform For A New Business Or An Existing Venture

Before you select your digital platform, you should be clear on this: are you upgrading your digital presence and shifting to a more advanced e-commerce platform that can handle the complexity of your expanding business? Or are you a new entrepreneur, who is just starting a new venture and desires to shake things up a bit in the market? Either way, the size of your business and the stage of your commercial venture also determine your choice. Furthermore, most internet providers have excellent monthly bundles and internet packages that you can select for the smooth functioning of your online business. For more information, visit BuyTVInternetPhone and know all about other faster and more reliable services that are much better than your present one!

Which to Choose: Website Builder Oran E-Commerce Platform?

Reason #1: One of the major differences between an e-commerce platform and a website builder lies in their functionality. While a website builder may come with a basic set of features that are essential for personalizing a website template into a professional site, it may not come with particular add-ons or certain features that may help the consumer to shop online.This is why most business owners who want to launch their online stores turn towards e-commerce platforms because these are well-equipped to deal with heavy traffic flow and manage customer expectations more properly. On the other hand, most e-commerce platforms have in-built practical and handy tools that allow the business owner to create an appealing and operational online store, that engages the customer with its well-designed features.

The business owner will find that with an e-commerce platform, he can host multiple features for a professional outlook, such as inventory management, email marketing, etc. E-commerce platforms ensure that the customer is facilitated to the max. On the other hand, countless e-commerce platforms allow business owners to fully track customer orders, efficiently produce sales reports, and even generate discount codes to attract more customers. However, business owners may have to pay more if they choose an e-commerce platform to set up their online business in comparison to a basic website with slight modification. This is also because website builders don’t have all those fancy e-commerce features that the platform has, hence a lower price for a basic website builder.

Reason #2: While functionality plays a strong role in differentiating between the two, store owners want to personalize the store that’s in line with their brand. Hence, they prefer to use an e-commerce platform instead of a website builder since these come with built-in themes, which can be customized accordingly. Such e-commerce platforms have a wide range of professional templates, which include themes, font themes, color themes, etc. So irrespective of what your business is, if you require an online store, an e-commerce platform is more suitable. Whereas a website builder might not provide expected high-end resourcefulness. Even though in-built themes might still be available but they will not apply if you intend to build an online store that’s accessible for both local and global audiences.

Reason #3: Payment gateways are another feature that sets an e-commerce platform apart from a website builder, normally found more frequently in e-commerce platforms than the other. E-commerce platforms are usually designed to include the ‘add to cart option and most have integrated payment paths that connect them to various payment solutions, including cash on delivery, digital wallets, money order, personal checks, etc. On the other hand, those website builders that do come with payment options, are often limited and may drive away a customer if they are unable to provide a payment system, that’s more preferred by the customer.


So which one should a business owner use? Well, the answer is pretty easy. If the intention is to set up an e-commerce store that will help to generate revenue and grow your business potential, then choose a relevant platform instead of a website builder. As specified above, these are more adept at running your online store effectively in comparison to the latter.

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