Friday Sep 22, 2023

Where Should I Place My Amped Extender for Best Performance?

Work-from-home culture is spreading its wings in every part of the world, especially after the COVID pandemic. In such a situation, the demand for high-performing WiFi devices is at its peak. Those who already have routers in their homes are investing in extenders for enjoying seamless internet connectivity in every part of their homes and give their work to the fullest. But, what if even after getting an extender, you can’t have access to lag-free internet? If so, you might have made mistakes in locating your extender.

In this guide, we are going to give you tips on where to place an Amped wireless range extender. However, you can use the information or the extender of any brand you have. Let’s get started.

Select the Best Place for Your WiFi Range Extender

Before you give your Amped extender a room to sit, there are certain points you need to keep in mind. Here they are:

  1. Check Router-Extender Distance

Whether you are planning to locate your extender in the lobby or living room, you need to ensure that it is within the range of your WiFi router. Keeping it away from the router could result in slow or no internet issues.

  1. Look for Physical Barriers

The place you select for your extender must not be close to physical barriers like Concrete walls. This will obstruct the flow and speed of your extender, leading to various issues.

  1. Keep Electronic Appliances Away

Another point you need to consider while locating your extender is that keep electronic appliances away from its reach. If you have placed the extender near Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, walkie-talkies, refrigerators, or baby monitors; you will keep on facing slow internet issues even after properly doing Amped wireless extender setup.

  1. Find the Perfect Spot

It is advised that you choose the central location in your home to locate your Amped extender. Placing it in a corner could result in loss of signals and intermittent WiFi connectivity. Moreover, make sure you choose an open place for the device. Keeping it in a cabinet and under a table can also hamper its performance.

  1. Get rid of Metal and Aluminum Appliances

Large metal appliances or aluminum studs, if placed near your extender, can also degrade the performance of your device. Hence, you need to look for them while giving place to your extender in your home.

  1. Don’t Let Extender Sit on the Floor

If you want your Amped extender to disperse WiFi signals throughout your home, you need to place it on a higher surface. You can either mount it on a wall or choose a table. If you will be placing it on the floor, no proper results can be grabbed by you.

  1. Avoid Overheating

If you are using a higher surface for your extender, then ensure that the place is not heated already. This will lead to the overheating issue of your extender and make it non-performing.

These all are the points you need to have in mind before locating the Amped extender in your home. If even after considering all the points above, your extender is still not performing as per expectations, we have some bonus points for you.

Pro Tips To Get the Best Out of Your Amped Extender

  • Always keep the power button of the extender turned off when not in use.

  • Whenever you find a new firmware version available for your Amped extender, get it updated quickly.

  • Change the password of your extender by accessing the web address to safeguard your WiFi from potential threats.

  • Create a guest network account on your Amped to avoid sharing admin login details with every second person visiting your home.

  • Power cycle the device from time to time to rid of technical glitches.

  • Keep the antennas of your extender as well as router aligned in the right position.

In a Nutshell

Here’s to hope that you now have learned everything about where to place an Amped extender and how to make the most of it. Let us know in the comments how did you find the post. Also, stay tuned for more on Amped routers and extenders. By that time, see ya!

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